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Robin Zendayah Embodied Soul Alchemy University

Body, Mind, & Spirit Wholeness through an Efficient, Powerful, Modern System utilizing Sacred Ancient Knowledge & Wisdom, Techniques & Tools which will Empower You to Transform Your Life by Manifesting:

Physical, Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual Health & Well-being

Joyful Relationships

Financial Abundance

Take Your Personal Power back and gain the Freedom to Create Your Life by Your Design, all supported by the Powerful Ancient Sacred Innate Energies of Crystals & Stones

Robin Zendayah Students & Members

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Everything is Energy. Everything is Connected

Science tells us that we are all part of a Unified Field. We are all connected, we are all in this together, and that means you are far more powerful than you think you are. Everything you do, feel, and think is vibrating within this energy field and affects not just you, but everyone and thing in it, either directly or indirectly. Imagine the Earth as a singular physical body. Every person, animal, plant, everything is a cell of that physical body. What happens to one cell affects the whole of that physical body. 

Your physical body, the vehicle for your soul in this physical dimension, moves in the world of physical matter. But your Soul, your True Self, part of which is woven within your physical body, is not confined by your physical body, but flows, interacts and connects on the level of pure energy throughout that Unified Field.

And that is where your True Power to transform yourself and this planet lies. 

Defining a Spiritual Warrior

A Spiritual Warrior has nothing to do with violence or religion. A Spiritual Warrior is someone who understands that the greatest suffering comes from not Knowing and Honoring Your True Self, and they pursue Knowing and Honoring their True Self with Courage and Bravery.

My Embodied Soul Alchemy Students & Practitioners are Spiritual Warriors who take their Personal Power back, take Responsibility for their own lives, & Honor the Unique Individuality of every Soul on this Planet, uplifting the Collective Vibration & Transforming the World One Soul at a Time, starting with their own.

Embodied Soul Alchemy is a powerful System of Body, Mind, & Spirit Wholeness in which you will learn and put into practice remembered Ancient Energy Techniques & Tools with which you will  take back Your Personal Power through:

Transforming your Master Energetic System within your physical body from a hot mess to a fine-tuned powerhouse vehicle for your Soul.

Taking control of the hidden energies of your space to create a Sacred Sanctuary that supports, nurtures, uplifts and empowers you on all levels.

Knowing and honoring who you uniquely are at Soul Level, your True Self, and utilizing Universal Laws & Universal Truths.

All supported by the Ancient Innate Energy of Crystals, Stones, & other Sacred Energy Tools. Giving You the Freedom to Create Your Life by Your Design, so that you can manifest Physical, Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual Health and Well-being, Joyful Relationships, and Financial Abundance. 

Entry Level

  • Are you frustrated by your lack of success working with the ancient innate energies of crystals & stones?
  • Are you ready to move you from feeling confused, overwhelmed, or disappointed to feeling confident and empowered with a solid foundation of actionable knowledge & grounded experience in working with the ancient innate energy of Crystals & Stones for joyful relationships, financial abundance, and excellent health & well-being?
  • Are you ready to learn the foundational keys about working with crystals & stones so that you get started or restarted working with crystals & stones in empowerment and not misinformation?

In our programs, you'll have access to content in video, text, & downloadable audio formats to suit your learning style and lifestyle.

Start Here: Secrets behind the crystal curtain

In the Secrets Behind the Crystal Curtain Content we’ll clear up misinformation on the basics of working with stones so that you can build a solid foundation on which to work from so that you are not sabotaging yourself right from the get-go, dramatically limiting your chance of success in empowering yourself to transform your life with the ancient innate energies of crystals & stones.

In Secrets Behind the Crystal Curtain We’ll cover:
o Science & History:

• the science of how stones work and a brief history of their use
o M.A.P.P. :

• Questions you need to ask before you purchase a crystal or stone
o T.O.S.S.:

• 4 Things you should toss from your practice immediately
o Master Formations:

• Identification & what to use them for
o Shapes & Form:

• Which one to use for what
o Pets:

• Commonly taught dangerous misinformation and what to actually do
o Secrets Series:

• Secrets about working with the innate energies of crystals & stones to partner with them for empowerment & transformation.

o Crystal & Stone Keeper Guardian:
• How to properly care for your crystals, stones, and other sacred energy tools so that they can partner with you to create empowerment and transformation in your life.

Next Step: SBCC Intro to embodied soul alchemy

Intro to Embodied Soul Alchemy with Crystals & Stones.

We’ll cover:
o Intro to Pillar #1:

Psychic Development:
• Which of your psychic clairs are active, which are lying dormant waiting to be awakened and the tools & techniques to strengthen them so that you can enhance your abilities to sense and work with the innate energies of crystals, stones, objects and energies found in the environment around you.

o Intro to Pillar #1: Psychic Development Part 2

• Working With Pendulums.

• Working with Circuit Sets

• Working with Crystal Points

o Intro to Pillar #2: Body Alchemy
 How to wear, carry and sleep with crystals & stones for empowerment & transformation.

o Intro to Pillar #3: Environmental Alchemy
 The foundation of how to utilize the innate energies of crystals & stones in your space for empowerment & transformation.

o Intro to Pillar #4: Soul Alchemy
 What Soul Level and Lifetime Level PowerStone types are and how to identify yours to uplevel your practice.

And More:
 Access to our ever-growing library on the ancient innate energies of crystals & stones
 Downloadable & printable stonework worksheets to help you ground what you’re learning into real-world experience
 Learn, Do, Share & Grow system to master the intro curriculum
 Spotlight on a different crystal or stone type each month
 A safe, private community of like-minded souls
 The opportunity to earn your Intro to Embodied Soul Alchemy Certificate and Crystal & Stone Keeper Guardian Certification
 The opportunity to win Robin Zendayah gift cards which can be utilized to purchase anything on the private student offerings website, enroll in masterclasses, or apply to the upper-level immersion programs that you are accepted in, simply by completing StoneWork worksheets to deepen your experience
 15% off of Temptation Tuesday Express Yourself empowering adornments for you and your space.

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Empowered Blessings ~ Robin Z.

Waitlist members will get special pricing and the opportunity to enroll 3 days before enrollment opens to the public, ensuring your spot, as spots are limited.


Once enrolled in SBCC - Intro to Embodied Soul Alchemy with Crystals, Rocks and Stones, you'll have the opportunity to enroll in several different Masterclasses.

Upper Level Programs

After you've completed the two entry level courses, you'll have the opportunity to enroll in the Divine Feminine Alchemical Bridge Program or Divine Feminine Alchemical Sorceress Rising Degree programs, of which there are four.