Innate Energies of Brazilian Fluorite

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The Innate Energies of Brazilian Fluorite

Brazilian Fluorite
Chakras: Purple & Green Combo is a Core Universal Master Stone of the Third Eye Chakra (fine tuning stone of other chakras, depending on color)
Element: Air, Water
Energy: Projective
Zodiac: Capricorn, Pisces

Core Universal Master Stone of Psychic Development

The location and form of fluorite are extremely important. It is one of the few stones that is more potent in polished form and can actually be dangerous to work with in raw/rough chunks. Clusters, complete octahedrons etc. are okay to work with.

Chinese fluorite is metaphysically lazy (we do not carry Chinese fluorite). Unfortunately, 90-95% of the fluorite available in the public marketplace is Chinese fluorite.

Russian fluorite is extremely potent and should only be worked with by someone who is extremely experienced working with stones. (Any Russian fluorite in our shop will be noted as such.)

Brazilian fluorite is very potent, while still maintaining a gentle enough nature that beginners can work with it easily, as well as the very experienced. (Almost all fluorite in our shop is Brazilian fluorite for this reason.)
The combination of green and purple fluorite is the absolute only Core Master cleanser for the third eye chakra. Fluorite is also a Core Universal Master Stone of the Auric Field.

Body Alchemy

Order Colds, flu, staph, strep, cankers, herpes, ulcers, tumors, RNA & DNA damage; bones and cell formation.
Order, organization, clarity, focus, discernment.
Reality & truth behind illusions, aptitude, mental achievement,

Order, stability, balance

Soul Alchemy

Consciousness, purification, cleansing

Environmental Alchemy

Environmental sized pieces can be utilized to invoke the innate energies of this stone in a space.

Additional Color Attributes

Blue Fluorite – Communication
Chakra - throat
Blue Fluorite calms the emotions and stimulates clear communication.

Blue fluorite can be used in gridding as a "translator stone" when you are using stones from different types (hexagonal, trigonal etc.), to help them work together. Even better, fluorite that is blue and yellow

Blue Fluorite amplifies your healing potential and can invoke spiritual awakening.

Clear / White Fluorite– Universal Knowledge
Clear / White Fluorite can be an energizer for the crown chakra for some people. Clear / White Fluorite can also clear the way for the new.

Green Fluorite – Growth & Healing
Chakra - Third Eye and Heart
Green Fluorite is helpful for hormone imbalance and is extremely healing. A very good stone for releasing negative patterns. It can grant you calm and courage at the same time.
Yellow Fluorite - Understanding
Yellow Fluorite is a creativity & mental superstar. It is fantastic at stabilizing and uniting groups of people as well as stones for a common goal. It is also an excellent tool for focus and decisiveness.

Rainbow Fluorite – Harmony
Rainbow Fluorite brings order to chaos, clarity of thought, objective decision making and collective healing spiritually, mentally & emotionally. It is excellent for promoting friendship as well as understanding.

This variety exhibits 3 or more distinct color rays, but must include violet, green and blue.
Purple Fluorite – Higher Awareness
Chakra: Third Eye.
Spiritual balance, Intuition, Psychic Development, Mediumship, Meditation, Spiritual Peace, Spirit Communication, Visions, Spiritual Development, Self-transformation, Archangels, Shadow Self, Anxiety, Fear, Courage, Peace,

Yttrium Fluorite Lavender / Yttrium – bridge to the Divine.
Yttrium Fluorite is an unusual in that it doesn’t cleave like other types of fluorite and it is extremely dense.

Yttrium fluorite is unique in that it is physically oriented rather than mentally oriented like other forms of fluorite. This makes it an excellent stone for those who are extremely mentally focused, offering discipline and assistance with grounding all of those thoughts, ideas and dreams into existence in the physical, 3rd dimension. It also helps mentally focused people to express their thoughts in a way that is more easily understood by the average person.

Empowered Blessings Y'all ~ RZ

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