The Innate Energies of Epidote

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The Innate Energies of Epidote

Aka: Almandine Spar, Eudalite, or Saami Blood.
(Russia, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Madagascar, Greenland, and Arkansas)
“Stone of Thriving”

Chakra: Root, Heart, Third Eye, Crown, & High Crown.
Element: Fire
Energy: Projective & Receptive
Number: 3 & 9
Planet: Mars
Zodiac: Aries & Virgo

Body Alchemy

Master healer - use with black tourmaline and can also add seraphinite to this combo.

Soul Alchemy

Master Accelerator - use with black tourmaline and can also add moldavite, or phenacite or Herkimer diamonds, (if you can handle them). If you are going to add any of those three stones into the mix, ALWAYS add in smoky quartz to ground you.

Clairvoyance, accessing other planes of existence, Exploring past lives in ancient Egypt.

Environmental Alchemy

IDO NOT!! recommend using epidote environmentally, unless you are literally going to surround the piece with a square grid of double terminated black tourmaline.

Empowered Blessings Y'all ~ RZ

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