Pain Relief With Smoky Quartz

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Smoky quartz can help relieve pain, particularly foot and leg pain, because it is the cleaning stone for the Earth Star chakra, which is located approximately 3 feet below your feet, and is your connection to Earth, the physical plane.

The Earth Star chakra is where your chakra system grounds excess, stagnant, and harmful energy. It is also how you draw up helpful, healing energy from the Earth, and your root chakra connects to it through the smaller chakras in the soles of your feet. If your Earth Star chakra isn't functioning properly, this energy will back up through your chakra system, first in the feet and legs, and can cause pain, as well as any number of physical issues.

If your chakras aren't property functioning, this backup can continue up your entire chakra system, affecting more and more of your body. Your chakras will also spin these energies out into your auric field, in an attempt to help cleanse themselves, where this energy can affect your entire energetic system and body. This is why daily chakra cleansing and 4Cing is key to properly taking care of your energetic system.

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Root beer colored smoky is best, as is raw. Place a larger piece between your feet for 15 minutes at a time, 4Cing yourself and your stone before each use. If sitting, you can place a large, flat smoky quartz palm stone under each foot. This should be done barefoot. You can also use smoky quartz points to direct energy out of other areas of your body and into the Earth. Simply take the smoky quartz point and place the rounded, flat or root end, (depending on the style you are working with), touching the area of pain and the point end directed towards the Earth. Do make sure that there isn't a person, houseplant or animal between the point and the Earth. Do this for a max of 15 minutes at a time, making sure to properly 4C your stones before each use, this is critical. You can do this inside or outside.

Root Beer Smoky Quartz Massage Wand and Foot Stone

Walking or sitting barefoot outside, (not on concrete, asphalt etc.), is also excellent for grounding. You can also use a smoky quartz massage wand for this by placing the rounded end on your body where you are experiencing pain, with the pointed end towards the Earth. Make sure no people, animals, plants etc. are in this energy line you are creating from you to the Earth, as they can absorb this energy into their own systems.

You can keep smoky quartz and other Earth Star and root chakra stones, (black tourmaline, red calcite, red jasper, red garnet), at the foot of your bed larger pieces, or smaller pieces in a muslin or other natural fiber bag in your bed near your feet.

This is what the bags look like that are in my bed:

And these smoky quartz are part of the grid around my bed, and are at the foot of my bed:

Foot of bed grid area

I keep a copper (amplifies and conducts energy) with these stones under my desk, and on an ottoman in my living room to rest my feet on when sitting.

Grounding Tray

When I can't walk around barefoot outside in the winter, I have a pair of boots that have loose fitting uppers with loops at the tops of the sides, that I have tied muslin bags with these stones to. The bags hang in the inside of these boots, and I wear them for winter walks on the beach, through the woods, etc..

Grounding Bags for Bed or Boots

In social, business, or family situations where I want to make sure I am very well connected to the Earth, to both ground and receive her amazing energies, I wear a pair of boots that I created " boot grounding belts" for both boots.

Grounding Boot Belts

These are my personal Earth Star chakra stones:

My personal Earth Star Chakra Stones

Remember, stones must be properly cared for to help you.

Empowered Blessings Y'all ~

Robin Zendayah

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