The Innate Energies of Rose Aura Quartz

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The Innate Energies of Rose Aura Quartz

Clear quartz molecularly bonded with platinum and sometimes also gold & silver. 

Chakra: Heart (spiritual aspects) & High Crown

Element: Water & Air

Energy: Receptive & Projective

Number: 33

Planet: Venus

Zodiac: Aquarius, Pisces, Gemini, Cancer, Libra & Scorpio

Body Alchemy


Inflammation, pineal gland, cellular healing, puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, immune system, radiation, & burns.


Uplifting, self-worth, body image issues, abuse, rejection, desertion, serenity, peace, self-doubt, self-criticism, & soothing.


Releasing anger & emotional healing.

Soul Alchemy

Universal love, unconditional love, self-love, multidimensional healing, heart-centered awareness, higher perspective, psychic development, spiritual purpose, transformation, stellar knowledge, angelic communication, spirit guides, revelation, breaking soul contracts and negative repeating karmic patterns. 

Environmental Alchemy

Environmental sized pieces can be utilized to invoke the innate energy of this stone in a space. It is also helpful with real estate transaction.

Empowered Blessings Y'all ~ RZ

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