"Being Fearless" Sets

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Being Fearless Sets
Fear is the cornerstone of not manifesting what you want to experience in your life. These fears are created by past life and present life negative repeating patterns, so overcoming those fears are paramount to releasing negative repeating patterns. This set includes a Sterling Silver “Fearless” ring to remind you that being fearless is the quickest path to realizing your dreams & goals.

Carrying Stones
We may share a lot of types of fears with others, but our reasons for coming into those fears are a combination unique to each of us, so I have created an extensive freeform polished carrying stones set to help you personalize what you will carry. You will receive a 14 piece Carrying Stones Set so that you can choose the perfect combination to carry each day for your specific needs related to each stone’s full ancient innate energies!

You will receive:
Emotionally Releasing Fears
Sunstone, Pink Opal, and Blue Tiger’s Eye.

Overcoming Fears
Prehnite, Pietersite and Charoite.

Mentally Releasing Fears
Picture Jasper

Calming Fears
Sodalite or Faery Cross (Chiastolite)

Clearing Blockages Related to Fear
Mahogany Obsidian and Citrine

Coming into Alignment with Who You Really Are
Astrophyllite, Angelite, Healer’s Gold, & Rainbow Moonstone.

You’ll also receive the full innate energies of all of these stone types via email after your purchase yours. Quantities are limited by ring size, so be quick. Ring sizes available in sizes 6 – 10. QuadPay is available at checkout if you’d like to break your purchase down into equal 4 bi-weekly payments.