Soul Keys: All 
Energy Keys: 7th and 8th  
Manifestation Keys: All 
Chakras: Core Universal Master Fine Tuner for the High Crown Chakra 
Energy: Receptive 
Element: Air & Earth 
Number: 4 
Planet: Earth, Saturn & Mercury 
Zodiac: Gemini, Libra, Capricorn, Aries & Scorpio 
Core Universal Master Stone of the High Crown Chakra.  
Core Universal Master Stone of Angelic Communication.  
Core Universal Master Stone of Psychic Development 
It is one of the 3 best stones to access Angelic Realms, the other 2 being Celestite/Celestine and Angelite. All 3 of which I use on my Angel Altar, along with Selenite, Herkimer Diamonds and Elestial Quartz. 
Body Alchemy: 
Respiratory issues (green), allergies. 
Clarity, depression, anxiety, stress, calm, peace, mood elevator, mental blocks, releasing negative thought patterns, relaxation, introspection, problem solving and decision making. 
Soul Alchemy: 
Angelic Communication & Guidance, Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Awakening, Soul level healing, recognizing negative and positive repeating present life and past life Patterns, Courage to be You, embracing who you really are at Soul Level, Intuition, Clairsentience, & Meditation. Apophyllite is used to create a conscious connection between your physical form and the spiritual realm.  
Environmental Alchemy: 
It has the ability to amplify the energy of spaces. Environmental sized pieces can be utilized to invoke the innate energy of this stone in a space. 

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