Crimson Moon Scarlet Lepidocrocite Fire Quartz

Crimson Moon Scarlet Lepidocrocite Fire Quartz
Charkas: Root, Heart, High Heart, Third Eye & Crown
Element: Fire, Water & Earth
Energy: Projective & Receptive
Number: 7 & 8
Planet: Sun & Venus
Zodiac: Scorpio & Sagittarius
Core Universal Master Stone of Body, Mind & Spirit Balance.
Body Alchemy:
Nervous system, circulatory system, glands, meridians, iris, liver, reproductive organs, cell renewal, shrinkage of tumors, hormone balance, lungs, blood disorders, immune system, stimulates general healing, pain relief, kidneys, & heart.
Helps to release negative repeating patterns that create the need to manifest disease.
Helps heal damage in the aura caused by drug or alcohol abuse.
Intellectual stimulation, equilibrium, perception, instinct, storing information, communication, bridge between consciousness and physical matter, practicality, recognizing your strengths, clears mental confusion, ADHD, hyperactivity, brings old issues into your conscious mind, so that you can deal with them, non-judgement, bipolar and other similar disorders, & depression, tranquility, clarity, self-worth, & self-esteem. It is particularly helpful for women who suffer from pre-menstrual depression.
Release fear, emotional healing, healing & releasing childhood trauma, release guilt, self-forgiveness, forgiving others, emotional clarity & understanding.
Soul Alchemy:
Astral travel, angelic communication, spirit guide communication, future knowledge, intuition, telepathy, connection to the higher self, inner child work, spiritual insights into your day to day life, past life memories & manifestation.
Environmental Alchemy:
Environmental sized pieces can be utilized to invoke the innate energies of this stone in a space.