Dendritic Agate

Dendritic Agate
Chakra: Fine tuning based on colors
Element: Earth
Energy: Receptive
Number: 3
Planet: Earth
Zodiac: Gemini
Core Universal Master Stone of Balance
Body Alchemy:
Circulatory system, nervous system, and skeletal system.
Reduces stress, overcoming addictions, releasing behavior patterns that no longer serve. Clears confusion, seeing opportunities in adversity, focus, realistic goals, perseverance, positive attitude, overcoming self-imposed limitations.
Stabilizer, overcoming guilt, resentment, shame and other self-destructive emotions.
Soul Alchemy:
Dendritic Agate helps to balance energetic polarities allowing for a healing integration of all aspects of self. Spiritual growth & wisdom, meditation.
Environmental Alchemy:
Dendritic Agate creates a peaceful environment and has a strong connection with nature’s flora. Excellent for crops and house plants. Also excellent for steady abundance in business.

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