Dragon's Blood Jasper

Dragon's Blood Jasper
Dragon’s Blood Jasper is often listed interchangeably with Bloodstone, when if fact, they have different properties and come from two different locations in the world. Dragon’s Blood Jasper comes primarily from Australia (Aborigine Jasper) & Africa (African Bloodstone). True Bloodstone is a much darker green.
Chakra: Earth Star, Root Chakra, & Physical Aspects of the Heart Chakra
Element: Earth
Energy: Receptive & Projective
Number: 4
Planet: Earth
Zodiac: Leo
Body Alchemy:
General healing, endurance, fertility, physical energy, vitality, recovery and regeneration after a severe illness, immune system, nervous system, brain, thyroid, liver, gall bladder, digestion within the small intestine, nerves, bladder, spleen, stomach, kidneys, liver, bile ducts, mineral balance, sense of smell, physical heart healing, bronchitis, backache, cramps, infections, colds, flu, jaundice, & Multiple Sclerosis (MS).
Creativity, achieving goals, compassion, forgiveness, self-reflection, order, organization, strength, courage, sense of purpose, social anxiety, fierceness, loyalty, & balance.
Love, healing, well-being, stability, uplifting, & joy.
Soul Alchemy:
Spiritual growth, spiritual self-healing, discovering your True Self, centering, Soul Level personal power, Identifying and breaking negative repeating patterns.
Environmental Alchemy:
Earth healing. Environmental sized pieces can be utilized to invoke the innate energies of this stone in a space.