Egyptian Amazonite

Chakra: Earth Star and Throat Chakras
Energy: Both Receptive & Projective
Element: Earth
Number: 5
Planet: Uranus & Saturn
Zodiac: Virgo & Aquarius

Body Alchemy:
Brain, nervous system, metabolism, menstrual cramps, and pregnancy.
Truth, sincerity, courage, honor, communication, eloquence, trust, integrity, clarity, openness, analyzing information, soothing, calming and making decisions.
Self-love, Universal Love, letting go of sadness & grief, and releasing anger.

Soul Alchemy:
Soul Level personal power, clairvoyance, prophecy, intuition, Soul Level self-discovery, Soul Level wisdom, higher self communication, breaking negative repeating patterns carried forward from past lives as well as those created in the present lifetime.

Environmental Alchemy:
Environmental sized pieces can be utilized to bring any of the innate energies into a space.

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