Chakra: Earth Star, Sacral & Heart Chakra
Element: Earth & Water
Energy: Both Receptive & Projective
Number: 2
Planet: Earth & Venus
Zodiac: Gemini

Epidote is a stone of attraction, amplification and magnification. It is a wonderful stone to work with, as long as you give it a very specific job to do, (much like working with Quartz), through expressing what you need it’s help with and asking for its assistance, (one task per stone only), and honoring its response. Always work with Black Tourmaline at the same time, as well as keeping Black Tourmaline with it at all times to transmute any negative energy around it. It is a powerful tool, use it and care for it properly.

Epidote will bring you more of what you already have, meaning, the energies with which you take actions within your life, (we’re talking energy of those actions, not the literal actions). It essentially puts the law of attraction on steroids. This is an amazing tool for manifestation, if you work with it correctly. It is particularly wonderful with manifesting financial abundance, joyful relationships and well-being on all levels, if utilized correctly. It is a wonderful stone for gridding.

Specifically, for attracting financial abundance, work with Tsavorite Garnet, Emerald, Pyrite, Citrine, Orange Calcite & Smoky Quartz.
I can’t stress this enough, always work with Black Tourmaline at the same time no matter what you are working with this stone for and always keep Black Tourmaline with this stone.
Body Alchemy:
 Master healer - use with Black Tourmaline and can also add Seraphinite to this combo.
Soul Alchemy:
Master Accelerator - use with Black Tourmaline and can also add Moldavite, or Phenacite or Herkimer diamonds, (if you can handle them). If you are going to add any of those three stones into the mix, ALWAYS add in Smoky Quartz to ground you.
Environmental Alchemy:
I do not recommend using epidote environmentally, unless you are literally going to surround the piece with a square grid of double terminated Black Tourmaline.

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