Chakras: Sacral, Heart (physical aspects), Throat, & High Crown
Element: Air
Energy: Receptive
Numerology: 9
Planet: Venus and Mercury
Zodiac: Libra and Aquarius
Core Universal Master Stone of Creativity, The Fey, spirit guide communication and accessing Soul Level Gifts & Karmic Grace.
Very fragile stone, handle carefully. Do not put in a singing bowl, as it can shatter. Do not use as an elixir and do not place in water.
Body Alchemy:
Energy, larynx, throat, arteries. carpal tunnel syndrome, speeding the healing process, identifying illness, spinal alignment, blood sugar, dehydration, tendonitis amplifies herbal remedies and holistic healing modalities.
Strengthens the will to live, teamwork, fun, peace, balance, leaving codependent situations, reverses tendency to martyrdom, stability, inspiration, diplomacy, false humility, and self-worth.
Calming emotions
Soul Alchemy:
Activating Soul Level Gifts and Karmic Grace, prosperity, abundance, astral projecting, attracting muses, angelic communication, spirit guide communication, and attracting the Fey.
Environmental Alchemy:
Conservation, becoming aware of the natural beauty around you, and supports addressing environmental issues.

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