Chakra: Heart (green), Third Eye, Crown & High Crown
Element: Air
Energy: Receptive
Number: 1 & 9
Planet: Jupiter
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Core Universal Master Stone of Lemurian Consciousness.
Core Universal Master Stone of Atlantean Consciousness.
Core Universal Master Stone of Ancient Egyptian Consciousness.
Body Alchemy:
Heart, feet, shortness of breath, mobility, lower limbs, blood flow, kidneys, liver, detoxification, goiter, addiction, & bloating.
Adapting to change & transitions, releasing negative thought patterns, releasing customs that no longer serve, condescension & conceit. Openness, nervousness, clarity, brain evolution, & positive attitude.
Soul Alchemy:
Dream work, lucid dreaming, visions, divine guidance, meditation, spiritual healing, accessing past life knowledge & karmic gifts, inter-dimensional travel, Akashic Records (if properly trained and attuned), channeling, identifying and releasing negative repeating patterns from past lives.
It is particularly attuned to Atlantis, Lemuria and ancient Egypt.
Environmental Alchemy:
Agriculture & gardening. Environmental sized pieces can be utilized to invoke the innate energies of this stone in a space.

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