Hiddenite Green Kunzite

Hiddenite Green Kunzite
Chakra: Heart, Third Eye
Element: Water
Energy: Receptive & Projective
Number: 7
Planet: Venus & Mercury
Zodiac: Taurus, Leo & Scorpio
Core Universal Master Stone of Gratitude
Body Alchemy:
Thymus, heart, breasts, lungs, physical energy, skin, blood, joints, cardiovascular system and circulatory system.
Feeling worthy, comfort, support, clarity, insight, new beginnings, compassion, psychosomatic illness, enthusiasm, wonder, calm, peace, spontaneity, anxiety, stress, and self-esteem.
Gratitude, joy, love, releasing emotional trauma and depressed emotions.
Soul Alchemy:
Soul Level knowledge from past lives, other planes of existence, parallel lives, financial abundance, prosperity and business success.
Environmental Alchemy:
Use environmental size pieces to invite any of the innate energies above into your space.