Chakras: Depends on Color 
Element: Earth 
Energy: Receptive 
Number: Depends on Color 
Planet: Earth 
Zodiac: Virgo 
Mookaite is a Core Universal Master Stone of Mediumship. 
Body Alchemy: 
Energy, general health, strengthens the immune system, self-healing, strength, detoxifying blood, water retention, weight gain, stomach disorders, and hernias. 
Stress, peace, feeling of wholeness, decision making, versatility, accept change, blocking unwanted outside influences and distractions, and revealing what is concealed, new ideas, enthusiasm, excellence of ourselves, kindness, centering, ego, decisions, flexibility, new perspective, perception, focus, self-esteem, inner calm, and desire for change. 
Emotional growth and balancing emotions. 
Soul Alchemy: 
Mediumship, meditation, & personal empowerment. 
Environmental Alchemy: 
Environmental sized pieces can be utilized to invoke any of the innate energies of this stone in a space. 
Feng Shui: Center area of the Bagua, as it represents earth, health, healing & balance.