Mother of Pearl

Moss Agate 

Chakra: Heart & Earth Star 
Element: Earth 
Energy: Receptive 
Number: 1 
Planet: Earth and Mercury 
Zodiac: Virgo 

Body Alchemy: 

Strength, longevity, general healing, protection, endurance, hypoglycemia, dehydration, infections, coldsflu, feversanti-inflammatoryreduces swelling in lymph nodeseyes, stomach, uterus cleanses the lymphatic system and the pancreasblood vesselsskin disordersspeeds up recovery long-term illnesscirculatory and elimination systems boosts the immune systemencourage new growth of healthy cells and tissue. It can lessen pain of childbirth. 


Courage, friendship, persistence, success, abundance mindset, prosperity mindset, concentration, seeing the beauty that surrounds you, practicality, contemplation, inner stability, seeing the “big picture”, understanding your negative views about money and releasing them, acceptance of one's self, builds self-confidence, self-analysisperception of hidden circumstances, self-esteemstrengthens positive personality traitsdepression caused by left—right brain imbalanceimproves the ability to get along with others, speaking one's own truth, self-expressioncommunication. reducing stress, perception, analytical abilitieswarrior mentality, and releasing negativity. 


Love, bonding with pets and animals in general, emotional balance, letting go of anger and bitterness, soothing, calming, self-love,  

fear, optimism, and emotional trauma. 

Soul Alchemy: 

Connecting with nature in general, connecting with and channeling Earth Elementals & Nature Spirits, astral travel, connecting to the collective consciousness, accessing intuition, spiritual growth, breaking Soul Level negative repeating patterns, inspiration, and personal expansion. 

Environmental Alchemy: 

Gardening, agriculture, botany, weather sensitivity, environmental pollutants. Environmental sized pieces can be utilized to bring in any of moss agate’s innate energies into a space. 

Business Alchemy: 

Advertising Promotions, businesses related to gardening, agriculture & botany.