Orange Hessonite Garnet

Orange Hessonite Garnet
India & Canada
Chakra: Sacral
Element: Fire, Earth & Water
Energy: Receptive
Number: 6
Planet: Mars
Zodiac: Capricorn, Aquarius & Aries
Core Universal Master Stone of Financial Abundance Core Universal Master Stone of Creativity
Body Alchemy:
Longevity, arthritis, bone marrow, lymphatic system, fertility & detoxification.
Recognition, stability, success, creativity, confidence & achieving goals.
Stability & joy
Soul Alchemy:
Prosperity, wealth, financial abundance, protection while traveling, O.B.E.’s, meditation & manifestation.
Environmental Alchemy:
An environmental sized piece (2.5 inches +) can be utilized to invoke the innate energy of this stone in a space

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