Orthoceras fossils are most often found in black marble.
Chakra: Earth Star & High Crown
Energy: Receptive
Element: Earth
Number: 4
Planet: Earth
Zodiac: All
Body Alchemy:
Longevity, detox, energy, digestive issues, dyspepsia, arthritis, skeletal issues, equilibrium, atrophy.
Stress relief, anxiety relief, mental stimulation, confidence, openness, innovation, knowledge gathering and mental accomplishments.
Depression, stability, desire, and balanced emotions.
Soul Alchemy:
Overcoming negative repeating patterns created in past lives that are perpetuated in this one through fear. Accessing life-force energy.
Business Alchemy:
Orthoceras fossils are said to promote pride and success in business.
Environmental Alchemy:
Environmental sized pieces can be utilized to bring in any of the above innate energies of this stone

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