Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian
Chakra: Crown, High Crown & Earth Star
Element: Earth
Energy: Projective & Receptive
Number: 2
Planet: Saturn
Zodiac: Capricorn
Snowflake obsidian is the stone equivalent of yin and yang, a balance of masculine & feminine energies.
Core Universal Master Stone of Divination
Body Alchemy:
Protection, vision, veins, skeleton, and smooth skin.
Balance, serenity, purity, gentleness, self-esteem, confidence, awareness, secrets, truth, equality, & self-expression.
Balance, protection from emotional harm, awareness, love, and anger.
Soul Alchemy:
Identifying and breaking negative repeating patterns, protection against negativity, Clairaudience, scrying, promotes psychic visions, being fully present, recognizing the beauty around us in all forms, & connecting with nocturnal animals.
Environmental Alchemy:
Environmental sized pieces can be utilized to invoke the innate energies of this stone in a space.