Titanium Aura Black Kyanite


Body Alchemy:
Energizing through drawing up of Elemental energies, grounding, endurance and is a Master Healer for Any Condition.
Calming, bypassing the conscious mind to access insights from the subconscious mind by creating an energetic bridge between the two, banishing fear, courage, strength & tenacity.  It is also a wonderful stone of Creativity.

Calming and helps to open energetic pathways for love, harmony & joy. 

Soul Alchemy:
Meditation, dream work, developing your intuition and connection to your higher self, past & future life exploration, identifying current repeating karmic patterns, psychic development; particularly telepathy, channeling, psychic communication, psychic visions, & clairvoyance. It can help you to connect deeply to your Spirituality as well as connecting with nature,
Elementals, spirit guides and other dimensions.

It is a stone of Soul Level power. It also assists with communicating with ET’s, Light Entities, Etheric Entities and understanding Light Languages. It can help you to release deep past life resentments, grief therefore releasing those  karmic ties and negative repeating karmic patterns & debt. 

Environmental Alchemy:
Planetary evolution, environmental healing, reducing both energetic and physical pollution which makes it excellent for holding Sacred Space. 

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