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You will be able to access the first module of the course on March 3rd 2019. (If you are enrolling after March 3rd 2019, you will have immediate access to the first module.)

The remaining 7 modules and bonus content are released 1 at a time, every 7 days, to give you the time to complete the goals, apply what you've learned, and also, so that you don't skip around, as the modules are progressive, building on what you've learned in the previous modules.

It is not a requirement of this course that you complete any goals, answer any questions, or comment on anything. However, they are there to encourage you to put what you will learn into practice, to give you real world experience, rather than just knowledge. They're also designed to get you active in the private group, your community of like-minded souls. When you do complete the goals, you are also entered into monthly drawings for Crystals, Stones or other Energy Tools. Students in the top 3 leader board positions will also receive Crystals, Stones or other Energy Tools for their accomplishments.

If you do not already own the Crystals, Stones & other Energy Tools utilized in this course, you will also find links to student only offerings of Course Packs and individual Tools for the modules in which they're covered.

Empowered Blessings Y'all ~

Robin Zendayah

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