Robin Zendayah Embodied Soul University's
Environmental Alchemy Level One


Environmental Alchemy

Take control of the hidden energies in your space to create a Sacred Sanctuary that supports, nurtures, uplifts and empowers you on all levels.

All utilizing the innate Ancient Energies of Crystals & Stones for Empowerment & Transformation

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  Course Outline  

EA 101 Basic Energetic Hygiene for your Space

    • 4C for Your Space

EA 102 Space Clearing

    • Space Clearing Master Stones
    • Using Environmental Sized Space Clearing Master Stones  

EA 103 Away from Home

    • Cars, Boats, & Planes, Oh My!
    • On The Go Protection - Space Clearing Master Stone Travel Sets - Hotel Rooms, Vacation Homes, At Work, & Caring Stones

EA 104 Environmental Gridding

    • Basic Room Gridding
    • Basic House Gridding
    • The 5 Core Stones for Gridding Your Space

EA 105 Doors, Windows

    • Your Doors & Windows: Protecting and Controlling Energy Entry Points

EA 106 Perimeter Gridding

    • Protecting the Perimeter of Your Home

EA 107 Shungite in Your Space

    • The Power of Shungite in Your Home
    • Food Storage
    • Vents
    • Electronics
    • Outside: A Protective Perimeter

  Course Pack  


    • 1 Environmental 4C Set


    • 1 Space Clearing Master Set


    • 1 Space Clearing Carrying Set




    • 2 piece Door Hanger Set


    • 5 Perimeter Gridding Bags


    • 6 Shungite Protection Plates
    • 1 Environmental Shungite


Your course pack items will be chosen to resonate with your unique energetic signature. Stone forms will vary for some of you depending on what form resonates best with your unique energetic signature.

All items will be 4C'd, (Cleansed, Cleared, Charged, & Dominant Oscillatory Rates Corrected), before they're shipped to you and all crystals & stones will be double bagged, (natural fiber bag touching the stone and non-natural fiber bag on the outside to protect the stone from harmful environmental energies), so that they're ready to work with when they arrive.

For full payment and QuadPay enrollments before August 28th, course packs will ship within 5 - 7 business before the course opening date. If enrolling after August 28th, your course pack will ship within 5 - 7 days of enrolling. If enrolling with LayBuy, your course pack will ship within 5 - 7 business days after your final payment clears.

Pictures and/or videos are examples of course pack items. Domestic Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail with tracking and fully insured, which is included in the cost of enrollment.

International Orders do not include shipping. Please see international shipping in the F.A.Q.'s for more information.


Is this Course for You?    

This course is for those who are ready to invest in themselves and their empowerment to complete the course with highly energetically active Crystals, Stones & Energy Tools, which are individually hand-picked by me to resonate with your Unique Energetic Signature. My crystals & stones are only available to my students and alumni, not the public.


You wouldn't be here if there wasn't something in your life that you want to change, probably many, things.

What I teach in my courses is the Empowered Path of Transformation, of Creating Your Life by Your Design.

This course is your next step on that path, are you brave enough to take that next step to taking your Personal Power back?


Environmental Alchemy Level One: Foundation Enrollment

Enrollment Includes all curriculum listed above, plus the Course Pack of all of the Crystals, Stones, & other Energy Tools necessary to complete the required homework goals in this course. Items to complete the optional goals will be linked to in those areas in the course, if you would like to deepen your experience.

Your course pack items will be chosen to resonate with your unique energetic signature. All items will be 4C'd, crystals and stones will be double bagged. Pictures are examples.

You'll Also Get:

  • Lifetime Access to this Course delivered inside of our school website and access to all updates. .
  • Lifetime Access to a Private Facebook Accountability Group where you can be Supported and give Support, Grow & Build Friendships with like-minded Souls and will post your homework goals to learn from each other's experiences.
  • Exclusive Stone Whisperer Content
  • The opportunity to win Empowering Tools in Giveaways to assist you on Your Journey.

And much more!


 When does the Course Start?

The first session of 2021 for this course opens on September 6th and on that date you will have access to First Things First and Module 101, If you enrolled with full payment or QuadPay.

If you enrolled after September 6th 2021, you will have access within 24 hours for full payment and QuadPay enrollments.

If you enrolled with LayBuy, you will have access within 24 hours of your final payment clearing.

Once you have successfully completed the required homework goals for your current module and they have been approved, the next module will unlock for you, so that you don't skip around, as the modules build on each other. If you skipped around, you would miss key information. Most homework goals are required to be posted in the private Facebook course group, so that you can learn from each others unique experiences and benefit from the questions asked by fellow students and answered by me in the comments.

My certificates are earned, not bought with the price of enrollment. Completing homework goals is required to move forward in my courses, so that you ground what you're learning into physical experience, rather than just having the knowledge in your head. My courses are not for "certificate collectors". This online course is delivered inside of our school website and has 8 modules. It is designed to be completed in 8 weeks, but you do have lifetime access to the course, any future updates, and the private Facebook course group, so you can move through it entirely at your own pace.


 Why Do I Have to Use Your Stones?

I handpick your practitioner level stones and tools because I care about you and the stones, and I want you to receive the benefits of working with highly energetically active stones, not a bunch of pretty shelf sitters that are energetically dormant or dead.

I will hand pick stones and tools for you that resonate with your unique energetic signature, as well as work together harmoniously for the intended purpose. I've been doing this for over 3 decades.

I worked for one of the largest importers of stones in this country for 12 years before becoming a mom, (my youngest is 16) and learned which mines and manufacturers treated stones with care, and which ones only cared about their bottom line. I made many invaluable connections then, that today, allow me entry in to areas of warehouses that most businesses aren't allowed to shop from.

Most stones that come into the United States come through Charleston, S.C., and the further west you go, the more picked over the stones are at gem shows. I handpick mainly at warehouses in South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida, where the goodies are before they go to gem shows.

I hand pick, in person, all of the stones for my students, clients and my shop for their level of energy, and only purchase from importers that I know take care of them properly, and from mines that handle them in a way that does not affect them negatively.

Unfortunately, 95% of stones on the market do not stand up to my stringent standards.


 What is a "Unique Energetic Signature"?

Everyone has a very Unique Energetic Signature

This Energetic Signature is created by all of the Soul Level Keys (the unique energetic combinations that were used to create your very Soul that you will carry with you forever) and the energy of every single choice you make every day.

This Energetic Signature can be detected by the Psychic Clairs. It has a visual, a sound, a smell, a taste, a texture and a feeling. As a professionally trained psychic, I can sense all of those components of your Unique Energetic Signature. My clients call me The Soul Whisperer, Your Soul Speaks & I listen.

My clients also call me The Stone Whisperer because I can sense the Unique Energetic Signature of individual Crystals & Stones. Combining these two abilities together, I am able to easily match up Your Unique Energetic Signature with the Unique Energetic Signature of individual Stones, Crystals & Jewelry pieces that you need to work with in your life right now.


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Empowered Blessings ~ Robin Zendayah