Our Coronavirus Safety Procedures


Hey Y'all.

The physical part of our business is entirely run from our home. Everything that comes into our home is very carefully, (picture us looking like cat burglars ready to break into a biohazard containment unit, lol!), carried into and spends 5 days in a quarantine room to ensure that there is no possible contamination with the coronavirus when things come out and into the rest of our home. We take all precautions when we are outside of our home to ensure that we do not contract COVID. This also ensures that there is no possible coronavirus inside of the orders that we ship out to you.

These safety procedures combined with tremendous delays in the supply chain for boxes, envelopes and packing materials means that there absolutely will be shipping delays. Please be patient with shipping timeframes, as we will always value your and our family's safety and health & well-being over shipping speed.

Empowered Blessings ~ RZ