Your Present Lifetime Unique Energetic signature is a combination of two archetypal energies that combine within you. These archetypal energies are codified as Earth Tribes & Cosmic Frequencies:

Earth Tribes are the 20 overarching families of those who are incarnated in a physical body on this planet. They share specific traits and abilities. that are encoded within the human body when the soul enters it's brand spankin' new vehicle for exploration of this amazing physical plane of existance.


Earth Tribes are broken down into 4 Energetic Families:

  1. Earth

  2. Cosmic

  3. Body

  4. Soul

These are further codified into 8 different Earth Families, 7 different Cosmic Families, 2 Body Families (which have nothing to do with sex, or gender), and 3 Soul Families.

Within the Earth Tribes, there are 13 amazing groups of Cosmic Frequencies, which denote additional specialties in this incarnation. Cosmic Frequencies are overlays of energies for the Earth Tribes. Think of it like a college degree in which the Earth Tribe is the major and the Cosmic Frequency is the minor or additional specialty within that degree.

So, this gives us 260 unique possible combinations of these archetypal energies that create Your Present Lifetime Unique Energetic Signature.

This is not the same as your Soul Level Unique Energetic Signature, which is the absolute pure energetic essence of your soul, but rather a harmful overlay that was created by the Negative Justified Karma that you brought forth into this lifetime from your past lives.

This will give you insight into the positive polarity of these archetypal energies to embrace so that you can break those suck-ass negtive repeating patterns that are holding you back in manifesting the relationships, health, & financial abundance that you desire to experience.

This masterclass lets you in on the secrests of your Present Lifetime Unique Energetic Signature's special attributes and traits, helps you to attune to & activate them so that you can access them for flow and ease in manifesting your goals in all areas of your life.

It also gives you the detes on all of the Earth Tribe Families and Cosmic Frequencies so that you can begin to recognize them in others that you have any type of relationship with to bring better understanding and communication so that you can experience more joy in your relationships. It will also help you to recognize other members of your Earth Tribe and Frequency Tribe.

8 Earth Families:

Earth Alchemist

Earth Catalyst

Earth Guide

Earth Manifester

Earth Mother

Earth Muse

Earth Visionary

Earth Weaver

7 Cosmic Families:

Cosmic Artist

Cosmic Bridge

Cosmic Flow

Cosmic Surfer

Cosmic Harmonizer

Cosmic Mirror

Cosmic Mystic

Cosmic Warrior

2 Body Families:

Body Muse

Body Weaver

3 Soul Families:

Soul Catalyst

Soul Healer

Soul Shadow Illuminator

Spiritual Luminary

Pure Earth









Kinetic Flow



Innate Energies

You'll learn about the ancient innate energies of the stone you'll be working with to activate, attune to the helpful attributes and traits of your Present Lifetime Unique Energetic Signature.

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Your Present Lifetime Unique Energetic Signature Reading detailing your Earth Tribe Family & Cosmic Frequency

Activation and Attunment Guided Meditations for each

Present Lifetime Unique Energetic Signature Workbook

You'll have the option to consume as video, downloadable audio files, or text transcripts, however you learn best!

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