Robin Zendayah Embodied Soul University Level One

Thank You and Welcome!

Hey Y'all,


Course Access Dates:

Body Alchemy Level One: February 6th

Soul Alchemy Level One: May 14th

Environmental Alchemy Level One: September 6th

Be sure to add to the contacts/address book in the email account that you signed up with, so you don't miss any important emails from us. You should receive an email from us within the next 20 minutes with your login details. If you do not, please contact us at the above email address asap with the name and email address you enrolled with, so we can get you in there. You may also contact us via the Facebook shop page "Robin Zendayah Empowered Path Alchemy Foundation", or my head admin via Facebook messenger @Fawn Self Miller.

If you enrolled in the full course or part one, you will be able to access the modules First Things First and 101 - on the access dates listed above. The next module in the part that you have enrolled in will unlock when you have completed all of the required homework goals in the previous module and they have been approved by admin.


Private Facebook Groups

The required homework goals are there for you to put what you will learn into practice, to give you real world experience, rather than just knowledge, to begin to transform your life. They're also designed to get you active in the private group, your community of like-minded souls.

Be sure to click the links in the orientation section for each course to join your private Facebook course groups to explore and get to know your fellow students and alumni of like-minded souls when the course opens!


Course Packs

Your course pack will be hand-picked by me personally to resonate with your Unique Energetic Signature.

Course Pack Ship Dates:

Body Alchemy One course pack will ship between January 29th - 31st.

Soul Alchemy One course pack will ship between May 6th - 8th.

Body Alchemy One course pack will ship between January 29th - 31st.

Empowered Blessings ~ Robin Zendayah