Ancient Civilization Manifestation Well Geode Guides

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These geodes were hand-dug by a friend from the clay in the bottom of her well many years ago. After they were rinsed in well water and air dried, they naturally opened into 16 pieces, 15 of which you see here.

So these are all linked together by their formation location. They started out as 5 whole geodes, so the pieces for each of those geodes are additionally linked to each other. I have linked each piece to a collective of 3 guides to aid you on manifesting that which you desire to experience.

I have waited for many years to release these guides. I did not know exactly what I was waiting for, until I met the creator of Neuromastery, and then was able to offer my degree level students facilitation in that amazing process and bringing my own expertise on stones and past lives into the mix. The Guides vessels contain 6 stone types that combined give them a unique ability to facilitate manifestation powerfully, and the results are even more powerful when combined with Neuromastery.

These guides are intrinsically linked to your past lives in Lemuria, Atlantis, and Ancient Egypt with a guide for each ancient civilization forming a collective of guides for you to work with. If you are a student of mine, you have had at least one past life in these ancient civilizations, because that is whom I energetically call in to work with.

The stone types within them are:
Iron-stained White calcite
Honey Calcite

Body Alchemy Healing:
Whole body healing through detox of physical manifestations of negative repeating patterns.
Mental healing through helping to make it easier to dismantle and reassign neural networks that are facilitating the maintaining negative repeating patterns, to creating new neural networks for positive repeating patterns to help you to experience that which you desire to experience in your life.
Emotional healing through detox by breaking up and releasing the emotions of negative repeating patterns.

Soul Alchemy:

Communication with the higher self. Connection to Universal life force energy, & Cosmic Connection to assist you in breaking negative repeating karmic patterns by dissolving karmic seeds stored within your physical body from past lives in Lemuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt for accessing ancient wisdom to bring spiritual purification, growth and enlightenment so that you can release that which no longer serves you with ease and grace to manifest that which you desire to experience in your life.

Environmental Alchemy:

Environmental sized pieces can be utilized to invoke the innate energies of this stone in a space.