Attitude of Gratitude for Manifestation with Crystals and Stones Masterclass

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Hey y’all, for those of you who are not planning on enrolling in divine feminine alchemical sorceries rising or have already taken so alchemy of level 1, I've got a new master class for you that I have never offered outside of larger offerings.

Attitude of gratitude for manifestation with crystals and stones is now open for enrollment and will begin on November 20th. You’ll have lifetime access too.

I decided to offer this as a master class for two reasons. The first reason is it is the perfect time of the year for this because it is full of practices that don’t require utilizing the stones in your course pack that you can share with your household members, (kiddos too!), as well as holiday guests to help them to also come into resonance with the most powerful of all energies, and in fact is the parent of all positive energies, gratitude. Most people think that love is the most powerful energy, but love is actually a child energy of gratitude.

The second reason is that we have all been enduring and living through a pandemic situation for over a year and a half and coming into resonance with the state of gratitude is an extraordinary powerful way to manifest that that we desire to experience as well as uplifting the collective consciousness of the Earth to help others come into resonance with the energy of gratitude.

As you're probably well aware of, due to pandemic delays, I am limited as to the quantity of stones I can get my hands on for course packs, and therefore there are only 6 spots available for this master class. So, if it makes your heart sing and your soul dance, make sure to secure in your spot by clicking on the link below and enrolling.

Course packs will ship within three days of your enrollment.


Klarna is available if you'd like to break your enrollment down into 4 equal payments. If you would prefer to do Zip (QuadPay) just PM fan and she will get you an invoice for your enrollment. If you ask for an invoice, please keep in mind that it must be paid within three hours of it being sent to you via the email address you have on file since these spots open are so very limited.

There are 4 modules and is designed to easily become a part of your daily practice.


Module 1 is all about connecting with your Core Universal Master Stones so that you can develop a relationship with them and receive their guidance on stepping into the energy of gratitude.

Module 2 is all about daily rituals to come into alignment with the energy of gratitude and also has suggestions for incorporating weekly practices for you and your family and even has practices to incorporate into special occasions like holiday meals.

Module 3 is arts and crafts projects that are simple enough for your kiddos to do, but you can make them as fancy as suits you and your home.

Module 4 shows you how to set up and activate your very own gratitude jar with the set of Core Universal Master Gratitude Stones set included in your course pack and has daily and weekly practices to actively work with it.

The video/pictures detail the course pack.

Supplied by You

You’ll simply need a jar or similarly shaped container, a notebook/journal and small slips of paper. If you choose to do the arts and crafts projects, they can be completed with very basic supplies, or fancy smancy ones if you prefer.

Empowered Blessings Y’all ~ Robin Z