Body Deva, Soul Deva Connection & Communication Guide Grid

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These sets are linked to guides, the tree is your guide. Pictures are examples. Choose yours by name from the drop down menu.

Placement, setup & activation instructions for circle grids can be found in Module 106 in Alchemy with Crystals & Stones Foundation.

Your set includes:

  • 1 Almandine Garnet on a light Amethyst & Quartz base tree, which is your guide
  • 6 raw Optical Calcite
  • 6 Dragons Tooth Amethyst scepters
  • 6 freeform polished Almandine Garnets
  • 6 raw double tourminated Black Tourmaline
  • 1 raw Almandine Garnet necklace on waxed linen
  • 1 raw Amethyst scepter necklace on waxed linen


Almandine Garnet to connect & receive guidance from your Body Deva.

Amethyst to connect & receive guidance from your Soul Deva.

Optical Calcite to amplify the connection to your Body & Soul Deva.

Black Tourmaline is to make sure it only from positive sources.

The necklace is to wear to stay connected when you're away from your grid, for guidance throughout the day & should be charged by placing it in your grid overnight.