Bracelet Circuit Set of the Month Subscription - Freeform Polished

Bracelet Circuit Set of the Month Subscription - Freeform Polished

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Want to explore how a new crystal or stone energy works with your Unique Energetic Signature each month?

This subscription is for 1 freeform polished crystal or stone stretch bracelet circuit set (2 bracelets) each month.

Why Bracelets?

Bracelets are the perfect jewelry piece to explore the innate energy of crystals and stones because your wrist contains meridians (lines of energy that connect to each of your Core Master Chakras within your body) and you don't have to worry about trying to get the influence of that stone positioned on your body within a specific Chakra's governing field, the innate energy of that stone or crystal will go to where it is needed, simply by wearing it on your wrist.

What is Your Unique Energetic Signature?

Everyone has a very Unique Energetic Signature. This Energetic Signature is created by all of the Soul Level Keys (the unique energetic combinations that were used to create your very Soul that you will carry with you forever) and the energy of every single choice you make every day.

This Energetic Signature can be detected by the Psychic Clairs.  It has a visual, a sound, a smell, a taste, a texture and a feeling.  As a professionally trained psychic, I can sense all of those components of your Unique Energetic Signature.  My clients call me The Soul Whisperer, Your Soul Speaks & I listen.

My clients also call me The Stone Whisperer because I can sense the Unique Energetic Signature of Guardians or individual Crystals & Stones. Combining these two abilities together, I am able to easily match up Your Unique Energetic Signature with the Unique Energetic Signature of our Guardians or Crystals & Stones.

Why My Stones?
I handpick your practitioner level stones and tools because I care about you and the stones, and I want you to receive the benefits of working with highly energetically active stones, not a bunch of pretty shelf sitters that are energetically dormant or dead.

I will hand pick stones and tools for you that resonate with your unique energetic signature, as well as work together harmoniously for the intended purpose. I've been doing this for over 3 decades.

I worked for one of the largest importers of stones in this country for 12 years before becoming a mom, (my youngest is 17) and learned which mines and manufacturers treated stones with care, and which ones only cared about their bottom line. I made many invaluable connections then, that today, allow me entry in to areas of warehouses that most businesses aren't allowed to shop from.

Most stones that come into the United States come through Charleston, S.C., and the further west you go, the more picked over the stones are at gem shows. I handpick mainly at warehouses in South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida, where the goodies are before they go to gem shows.

I hand pick, in person, all of the stones for my students, clients and my shop for their level of energy, and only purchase from importers that I know take care of them properly, and from mines that handle them in a way that does not affect them negatively.

Unfortunately, 95% of stones on the market do not stand up to my stringent standards.


The bracelets are stretch style, so will fit most wrists. 

Physical printouts of the stone(s) properties included with your order. Our printouts are just that, full paper size printouts, not those tiny little info cards given to shops for free by their suppliers, which are riddled with misinformation and missing information.

Your first subscription payment will bill today and subsequent payments will bill on the 6th of each month. Your subscription is paid a month in advance. So, if you started your subscription in June, your 1st shipment will be in July.

Empowered Blessings Y'all ~ Robin Zendayah


You can cancel your subscription any time you'd like.