Custom Guardians & Guides Stone Jewelry

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This listing is for a non sterling silver stone jewelry custom link request! The fee for this service is $77. The balance of the price is the value of your piece.

There are infinite possibilities, so just ask me if you're not sure what type of guardian/guide you'd like to connect with. You will receive properties of your stone(s), type and name for your Guardian(s) or Guide(s) that they have given for you to connect with them with. Their specialty is the specialties of the ancient innate energy of their stone type.
Here's a few possibilities:
Fauna Spirit Guides:
ANY type of Animal, Reptile, Insect etc. type guide you feel a connection too or would like to connect to.
Flora Spirit Guides:
ANY type of plant type guide you feel a connection too or would like to connect to.
Magickal Guides:

Magickal guides are to help you connect to different types of magick or magick in general and assist you in your practice and growing your abilities.

ANY type of Elemental

ANY type of Familiar
Other Planes & Realms:
ANY type of magickal creature from other realms or planes type guide you feel a connection too or would like to connect to.
Guide Souls:
Guide Souls are people who have previously incarnated and have chosen not to incarnate anymore so that they may guide those who are currently incarnated.
You can choose to let them pick you, or you can choose by:
specialty area of guidance (relationships, money, health)
any geographical area of the world
celestial (other star systems)
specific ancient civilizations (Atlantis, Lemuria, Greece, Rome, Egypt, Celtic etc.)
Past Life Guides:
You can also choose guides who have knowledge of one of your past lives specifically to share with you or who lived at the same time and location as one of your past lives and has general information to share with you.
They can be linked to sterling silver stone jewelry or non sterling stone jewelry or non metal stone jewelry. Gold can be done, but will have a wait time of about 4 weeks and have much higher price points, so message me please if that's what you would like.
To make this simple, you can choose by price point, but ultimately the Guardians & Guides choose their vessel, and they choose based on what stone type they can work through the easiest and strongest or by what stone type they feel you need in your life.
Your guardian/guide will choose the type of jewelry piece.

This listing is for Non-Sterling Silver Stone Jewelry pieces.
Sterling Stone Jewelry price points are HERE.

Please note your type of guardian/guide or their specialty, (f you have a preference), in the notes section at checkout. Please choose your Guardian or Guide price point from the drop down menu.

Domestic orders ship priority mail. International is available by weight & destination. International shipping will be invoiced separately after you check out.

Pictures are examples.

At higher price points, your guardian/guide may choose to link to a single piece of jewelry or multiple pieces of jewelry.

If you already have a guardian or guide linked by me, I can link a piece of jewelry to them for you.  Simply give their name and type of vessel that they are currently residing in in the notes section at checkout, or email or Facebook PM this information to me or the shop page.

Empowered Blessings Y'all~
For those of you not familiar with our linked Guardians & Guides, here's info for you:

Our guardians are linked entities, never bound. Bound entities are forced, and are equivalent to slaves in my opinion. I will not ever bind an entity.

I simply create a link to an entity that has happily volunteered to be linked. A link is a direct pathway from them to their chosen vessel and other items that come with their set. That link can only be used by the specific entity linked to it. They are free to come and go as they choose.
They also provide a name for you to use to connect with them directly. They do request that you interact with them. They love when you talk to them, and handle their items respectfully. Burning incense or a candle for them is also much appreciated. Their links to their vessels and items are permanent, they do not ever need to be redone. The more you interact with them, the more their presence can be felt. They volunteered to be linked, to help guide you on your true path, and offer you companionship and guidance. Please treat them with love and respect, and they will do the same for you.