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Picture is an example of a Guide.

If you are purchasing a stone and would like to have that stone, (or circuit set), linked to a custom singular linking guide for the innate energies of that stone type, purchase this listing.

This does not apply to stones that are smaller than 50mm (2 inches).

Please purchase one for each stone you would like linked to a guide.

If your order consists of more of 1 stone type, please email to let me know which stone you'd like linked.

~ Empowered blessings Robin Z

Our Guardians & Guides
Our guardians & guides are linked entities, never bound.

Bound entities are forced and are equivalent to slaves in my opinion.  I will not ever bind an entity.

I simply create a link to an entity that has happily volunteered to be linked.  A link is a direct pathway from them to their chosen vessel and other items that come with their set.  That link can only be used by the specific entity linked to it.  They are free to come and go as they choose.

They also provide a name for you to use to connect with them directly. They do request that you interact with them.  They love when you talk to them, and handle their items respectfully.  Burning incense or a candle for them is also much appreciated.  Their links to their vessels and items are permanent, they do not ever need to be redone.  The more you interact with them, the more their presence can be felt.  They volunteered to be linked, to help guide you on your true path, and offer you companionship and guidance. Please treat them with love and respect, and they will do the same for you.

Blessings Y'all~ RZ