Environmental Alchemy 4c Set

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These sets are intended for spouses or children of my students of Environmental Alchemy One who live in the same household. I have given students in that course permission to share 4C'ing information with those people and not anyone else. If you are not a student or alumni of this course, do not purchase.

Sharing this information or information from any of my courses is intellectual property theft for the one sharing and receiving stolen intellectual property for the one receiving and is punishable by law.

These items are part of the Environmental Alchemy One option 1 course pack. 

The Full Environmental Alchemy 4C Kit Includes:

  • 1 9- 12 inch raw selenite wand
  • 3 smudge bundles of organic white sage
  • 1 abalone smudge shell  
  • 1 set of 7 metal tingshas (design may be 8 auspicious symbols as pictured, or may be dragons)
  • 1 bag for your tingshas
  • 1 Black metal stand

Empowered Blessings Y'all~ 

Robin Zendayah