Freeform Polished Chiastolite 6 Piece Gridding Set

Freeform Polished Chiastolite 6 Piece Gridding Set

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Size varies as shown in the picture. 

Listing is for 1 stone. Your stone will be chosen to resonate with your unique energetic system.

If your purchase is for grids, please make sure to let me know in the notes so I can make sure that your stones are all energetically compatible for grid work.

Empowered Blessings! ~ RZ

Freeform Polished 

These have a much more subtle energy, that gently radiates out from the center of the stone evenly. I am not referring to over-processed tumbled stones that you usually see. Over processing makes it very difficult to connect to the stones energy and receive it's energetic benefits. These are ideal for carrying to support work that you are already doing with larger stones, but not as a stand alone working.