Harnessing the Lion's Gate Manifestation Energies Year Round Masterclass Enrollment with Course Pack

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Prerequisite: Intro to Embodied Soul Alchemy (formerly Alchemy with Crystals & Stones Secrets Behind the Crystal Curtain)

Are you ready to learn my secret ritual and tools that I use to harnessing the Lion’s Gate Portal’s massive manifestation energies year-round?

Join me to explore the potent combination of energies that I have brought together for you in your Lion’s Gate tools in such a way that allows them to perpetually access the amazing power of the Lion’s Gate portal for year-round manifestation possibilities.

We’ll explore:

  • The Seed of Life; the Power of Creation
  • The 16 Petal Lotus for Activating the 16 Elemental Gates of Manifestation
  • The Egyptian Sacred Number of Manifestation
  • Amplification and Transmitting Power of Pyramids
  • The amazing potential Of Brazilian Quartz
  • The Platonic Solids of Elemental Energy
  • The Elemental Energies of Earth, Fire, Air, Water & Spirit

So that you will understand the energies that you’ll be working with.


You will also learn:

  • How to Set Powerful Goals
  • How to Visualize with all of Your Senses
  • The Secrets to Intentions that Actually Work

So that you don’t sabotage your manifesting abilities right from the get go.



  • How to set up, work with and maintain your Lion’s Gate Tools so that you always have empowerment and transformation at the ready to manifest your desires.
  • How to perform the simple, potent daily ritual that brings in the energy of the Ancient Egyptians Secret Number of Manifestation so that you can harness it too.
  • 8 Ways to add Energetic Ooomph to your Ritual
  • How to Exponentially Supercharge your setup with the Tools in the Expansion Pack and their Innate Energies
  • How to Speed Up the Manifestation Process Utilizing the Innate Energies of the Core Universal Master Stones of Ancient Egyptian Consciousness

and more, so that you will have an arsenal of energies to bring to bear on Manifesting that which You Desire to Experience in Your Life.

Enrollment includes course access and these course pack items:

1 40 - 60mm Brazilian Quartz pyramid

5 Brazilian Quartz Elemental Platonic Solids

1 wood seed of life

1 wood 16 petal lotus



These hand-carved & hand polished Brazilian Quartz pyramids and Elemental Platonic Solids are attuned to Master Manifestation specifically through the use of the 5-5-5 ritual process, Lion's Gate( and much more) as taught in this Masterclass, and should not be utilized for any other purpose.

All components are charged for 30 days in my personal Lion's Gate setup.

Class access will be given when your course pack ships.

and The Expansion Pack 

Instructions for using the expansion pack are included in the masterclass curriculum. If you are already enrolled and didn't enroll with an expansion pack, you can order just the expansion pack from the drop down menu.  (Do not order just the expansion pack if you are not already enrolled. If you do, your order will not ship until you pay the balance for enrollment and no refund or store credit will be given.)

The Expansion Pack includes:

4 20mm Smoky Quartz Spheres

4 Silver Metal Stands

4 Raw Black Tourmaline

 8 Copper Flats

1 Copper Pyramid Frame

Pictures are examples. Your course pack items will be chosen to resonate with your unique energetic signature.

All stone items will be double bagged if bags are currently available, (pandemic shortages are real y'all),  and all components will be 4C'd and ready to work with when you receive them.

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