Innate Energies Printouts

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To keep costs lower, and to help save the environment, we do not include printouts of the innate energies of stones with your order. You may print them out from the listings, or save them to your device for your personal use.

If you would like for us to include printouts of this information, (actual printouts, not those tiny little paper cards), there is a $1 per stone type charge for this service, which covers the extra time, ink and paper for this service. 

If you would like to purchase this service, make sure you purchase 1 for each stone type you’d like the information for, and remember to put those stone types in the notes section at checkout, if you are not purchasing them for every stone in your order, so we know which printouts you are purchasing.  Some stones have 1/2 a sheet of information, some stones have 7+ sheets of information, it vaires with the stone. 


Please do not order this for more stone types than you are ordering in this specific order!