Manifestation Egg Sets

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Pictures are examples. Yours will be chosen to resonate with your unique energetic signature.

Manifestation Egg Sets

Spring is all about New Beginnings, particularly the time around the Spring Equinox. Ready to harness that energy year-round to manifest some new beginnings whenever you need to?
I’ve created 2 different types of manifestation egg sets for you, woohoo! Make sure to watch the video to see how to work with them!

Why Eggs?
I’ve chosen eggs for these sets because eggs are the perfect form for new beginnings and all manifestations are new beginnings of some type or another.

The Vessel
The carton is the vessel for combining energies for your intention. It is a container, representing the merging of the energies inside, but it is made of natural materials, so it lets that energy flow out into your space.

The carton is the manifestation vessel where you bring together the ancient innate energies of 3 stone types that resonate with the new beginning/”big thing” that you want to manifest.

The Wand
The singular Raw Quartz Point Wand represents the will, the self, independence, you and that which you desire to experience. Quartz amplifies, so it is the perfect stone to direct the energy of your desires out into the universe.

Protecting & Charging
I’ve included 3 Raw Black Tourmaline pieces to place at the points of your carton so that they can protect the energy around your set, as Black Tourmaline transmutes harmful energy into helpful energy.

I’ve also included 3 Raw Moroccan White Selenite pieces to place between your black tourmaline so that they can draw Universal Life Force Energy into the space around your set.

Set #1

Set #1 includes:

• 12 Hand-carved & Hand-polished Eggs
• 1 Carton Vessel
• 1 Raw Brazilian Quartz Point Wand
• 3 Raw Black Tourmaline
• 3 Raw Moroccan White Selenite

The 12 egg types are:

  • Brazilian Smoky Quartz
  • Rose Quartz
  • Banded Print Jasper
  • Snakeskin Jasper
  • Mookaite
  • Picasso Jasper
  • Picture Jasper
  • Silverleaf Jasper
  • Fancy Jasper
  • Rainforest Jasper
  • Hematite
  • Tiger Iron

Why the Number12?
I’ve chosen 12 eggs for this set because in numerology, the number 12 represents completion, but not finality, so it is the perfect number of eggs for this set.

Completion through manifesting that which you desire, but not finality because you can utilize this set over and over again for a lifetime of manifesting. It also represents:
Effective Communication, Self-sufficiency, Self-determination, Optimism, Creative Self-expression, & Inspiration to reach your goals.

Imagination & Exploration to discover what it is that you actually desire and which eggs to work with to help bring that about.

Cooperation through the energies of the eggs you chose to work with and the universe itself.


Set #2

Set #2 includes:

• 6 Hand-carved & Hand-polished Eggs
• 1 Carton Vessel
• 1 Raw Brazilian Quartz Point Wand
• 3 Raw Black Tourmaline
• 3 Raw Moroccan White Selenite

Your 6 egg types will be hand-picked by me to resonate with your Unique Energetic Signature.

Why the Number 6?

6 is the number of love, peaceful partnerships, strengthening relationships, and healing deep wounds.

It is also the number of unconditional love and the ability to support, nurture, and heal. It is the number of a harmonious and stable family & home life.

It is the number of those who are in the fields of, or aspire to be, in the fields of: interior designer, cook, caterer, housekeeper, homemaker, or run a business out of your home.

It is the number of the Divine Feminine, emotional balance, self-care, & self-love.

It is a number of all things related to the Elements of Earth & Air, the planet Venus, and the zodiac sign of Gemini.

Why the Number 3?
You will be utilizing the number 3 so that you can work with past, present, & future energies.

When you work with your Egg Vessel for manifesting, you will be utilizing 1 egg for something from the past that you need to let go of, as you must always make room for new energies by releasing old energies, 1 egg for something in the present that you need to bring in to help you to let go of that, and 1 egg to represent that which you to desire to experience in the future.


 Set #3

Set #3 includes:

It includes eggs in:

  • Labradorite for Clarity, focus and many other energies.
  • White Moroccan Selenite to bring in universal life force energy, assistance with crown & high crown chakra issues that may be holding you back from manifesting and many other energies.
  • Brazilian Quartz to amplify the energies of your intention, as well as the innate energies of the other eggs.

 You will have access to video, audio and PDF's of instructions and the innate energies of the stone types after you purchase.

    Empowered Blessings Y’all ~ Robin Z