Merkaba 6 Piece Sets

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Each set comes with 6 Merkabas, 1 each of the following stones:

  • Golden Healer Quartz  
  • Quartz 
  • Rose Quartz  
  • Green Aventurine  
  • Blue Quartz  
  • Sodalite 



Golden Healer Quartz 
Chakras: Solar Plexus & High Crown 
Element: Fire 
Energy: Receptive & Projective 
Number: 11 & 2 
Planet: Sun 
Zodiac: All 
Body Alchemy: 
Master Healer & self-healing. 
Calm & Peace. 
Joy & balance. 
Soul Alchemy: 
Spiritual awareness & growth, Spirit communication, psychic development, meditation, identifying & breaking negative repeating patterns, & connecting to and communicating with your higher self. 
Environmental Alchemy: 
Environmental sized pieces can be utilized to invoke the innate energy of this stone in a space. 

Chakra: High Crown (Soul Star) 
Soul Keys: All 
Energy Keys: All 
Manifestation Keys: All 
Elements: All 
Energy: Projective, Receptive 
Number: 1 
Planet: Sun & Moon 
Zodiac: Leo, Gemini, Scorpio & Capricorn. 
Quartz is first and foremost and amplifier and activator. It must be properly cleansed frequently.  It can be programmed for just about any intention, but do program it, or it will simply amplify the energies it comes in contact with, period.  
Since it is easy to cleanse, it can store information and energy, can be programmed, and will amplify energy and healing properties of other stones. It can both send and attract energy, it stimulates natural crystals in the body tissues and fluids to resonate a healing frequency. 
Visual clarity isn’t very important to a Quartz crystal's energetic quality and ability to amplify subtle energies around it. Clear Quartz carry projective energy, and cloudy Quartz carry receptive energy. 
Quartz enhances energy by absorbing, storing, balancing, amplifying, focusing and transmitting the energy. Quartz also channels universal energy. 
Contrary to popular belief, it should not be placed on any chakra, as it will just amplify any issues you already have there. It should be used with care around anyone with a pacemaker or any other type of implants.  
Holding a Quartz crystal in your hand, actual doubles your bio magnetic field. It generates electromagnetism and dispels static electricity. 
Since it contains every possible color, clear Quartz works on all levels of the being. You must program it to do these things. 
Quartz is the Core Universal Master Energizer for the High Crown Chakra. 
Do not place directly on your Crown Chakra, this is misinformation, and it can cause nasty headaches, along with many other issues.  
Body Alchemy: 
Diagnostic healing, physical purification, aids in circulation, it stimulates the immune system, chronic fatigue, arthritis, bone injuries, fibromyalgia, vertigo, burn pain & blistering, skin disorders, digestive disorders, kidney disorders. You must program it to do these things.  
Clarity, purification, focus, creativity, concentration, retaining information, studying and mental acuity. You must program it to do these things. 
Amplifies all emotions unless programmed to do otherwise. 
Soul Alchemy: 
Quartz has the ability to dissolve karmic seeds, if it’s programmed to do so. Astral travel, manifestation, spiritual growth, enlightenment, communicating with guides & ascended masters, scrying, channeling, dream recall, dream work, ancient wisdom, & spiritual purification and natural links to specific ancient cultures and past lives. 
Environmental Alchemy: 
Only use Quartz as an environmental stone if you are very, very good at programming stones. Otherwise, you will just amplify any energy there, whether it be helpful or harmful. 
It is excellent in most (but not all) grids to amplify the energy of the other stones and your intention. 

Rose Quartz 
Chakras: Heart (spiritual) 
Energy: Receptive 
Element: Earth, Water & Air 
Number: 7 
Planet: Venus  
Zodiac: Taurus 
Rose Quartz is a Core Universal Master Stone of the spiritual aspects of the heart chakra 
Rose quartz helps you to find all kinds of love by bringing up any painful issues related to relationships that stand in your way to the surface to force you to deal with it in order to move forth in your life. In this way, rose quartz helps to heal old wounds and helps you to learn to trust again. It is not the sweet & fluffy stone that all of the misinformation makes it out to be. 
Body Alchemy: 
Clarity, acceptance, suspicion, faith, understanding & resentment. 
Compassion, understanding, gratitude, anger, fear & emotional healing. 
Soul Alchemy: 
Heart of the Earth, all forms of love, & spiritual transformation. 
Environmental Alchemy: 
Environmental sized pieces can be utilized to invoke the innate energies of this stone in a space. 

Green Aventurine 
Chakra: Physical Aspects of the Heart 
Energy: Projective 
Element: Air, Earth & Water 
Number: 3 
Planet: Venus, Mercury & Jupiter 
Zodiac: Aries & Libra 
Core Universal Master Stone of Gratitude 
Green aventurine is known as a gambler’s stone as it can bring good fortune in gambling by helping your instincts and confidence to seize opportunities for wealth, growth and abundance. 
Body Alchemy: 
Eyes, general healing, energetic balancing, heart, lungs, adrenal glands, muscular system, urinary system, reproductive system & genitals. 
Mental power, creativity, motivation, pioneering frame of mind, leadership, instincts, decisiveness, opportunity, confidence & insight. 
Peace, calming & soothing, harmony & emotional balance. 
Soul Alchemy: 
Spirit guide communication 
Environmental Alchemy: 
Use environmental size stones to bring any of the innate properties above into a space. 

Blue Quartz 
Chakra: Throat &Third Eye 
Element: Air 
Energy: Projective 
Number: 44 
Planet: Mercury 
Zodiac: Gemini  
Blue quartz is a Core Universal Master Stone of the Throat Chakra, and a non universal Third Eye Chakra Stone. 
Body Alchemy: 
Immune system, throat, and eyes. 
Communication skills, communication with others, the higher self (Soul Deva), and your Soul. Diplomacy, relaxation, peace, clarity, organizational abilities, and self-discipline. 
Soothing & calming. 
Soul Alchemy: 
Psychic visions and enhances dream work. 
Environmental Alchemy: 
Environmental sized pieces can be utilized to invoke the innate energies of this stone within a space. 

Chakra(s): Core Universal Master Throat Chakra Stone and Third Eye 
Element(s): Air & Water 
Energy: Receptive 
Number: 4 
Planet: Moon & Venus 
Zodiac: Cancer & Sagittarius 
Body Alchemy: 
Nervous System, balance metabolism, aids insulin production, boosts immune system, boosts lymphatic system, stabilizes thyroid gland, eliminates confusion, anxiety, fear, relieves stress, attention deficit disorder, migraines and headaches, sleep disorders, stomach disorders, PMS, physical endurance, cramps and Calcium deficiencies. 
Communication skills, trust, truth, solutions to problems, logic, group cooperation, creativity, conscious living, awareness, perception, self-esteem, balance, peace, calm, stability, focus, and meditation. 
Calming fears. 
Soul Alchemy: 
Soul level wisdom & knowledge, intuition, and psychic development. 
Environmental Alchemy: 
Use environmental sized pieces to bring the above innate energies into your space.