Mystery Tools for Your Metaphysical Toolbox Offerings

Mystery Tools for Your Metaphysical Toolbox Offerings

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Not sure what new partners you need for your Empowered Path? Looking for a new tool for your Metaphysical Toolbox?

I will pick a new treasure or multiple treasures for your metaphysical toolbox, that directly connects to your energy, and is energetically cleansed, cleared, charged and had it's DOR (dominant oscillatory rate) corrected by me, before it is sent on it's way to it's new caretaker, you.  

Your offerings may include one or more: crystals, stones, and/or jewelry  that sing out your name to let me know that they're ready to join you on your journey.

I know your energy, and when I touch a stone, if it is for you, I feel a connection to your energy.  I am extremely well trained in connecting with the energy of stones, so it is easy for me to tell if a stone is metaphysically active, dormant or dead.  You will always receive metaphysically active stones from me.

All you need to do is choose your price point and I will find the stone(s) or crystal(s) that sing out your name. If you would like more items and/or higher price point items, simply purchase multiples of this listing.

Empowered Blessings Y'all~