Organic Sweetgrass Braids, WoooHoooo!

Organic Sweetgrass Braids, WoooHoooo!

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I have found an awesome local source for these, finally! I am incorporating them into some of my room clearing Energy Vortex Webs, which you will be seeing soon!

I have one of these hanging in every room in my home. Besides their wonderful metaphysical attributes, they have a sweet vanilla scent, and are quite effective at doing their job without even having to burn them.

Traditional Native American style is to dry and braid these beautiful long grasses. To burn them as incense, light one end and gently blow out the flame. Allow it to smolder and release its fragrance.

Traditionally, Native Americans would first use sage to cleanse a space of evil spirits that caused illnesses, then they'd burn sweet grass to create a positive atmosphere and to attract helpful spirits.

Family: Poaceae

Synonyms: Holy grass, vanilla grass, Seneca grass

Origin: North America and Europe

Parts Used: dried leaves

Aroma Description: strong pleasant vanilla, newly-mown hay scent, with a slight hint of coconut

Emotional Attributes: cleansing/purifying, relaxing

Cosmetic Uses: perfumery, aromatherapy; excellent fixative properties

Culinary Uses: leaves are added to vodka for flavoring (zubrowka), oil is used to flavor candy, soft drinks, and tobacco. Due to its high content of coumarin, it's prohibited by the US FDA and other countries for use in foods and permitted only in alcoholic beverages and tobacco

Element Association: Water

Magical Associations: healing, spirituality, peace, friendship

Astrological Association: Libra

Planetary Association: Moon, Venus

Season: Spring, Summer

Aromatic Note: Middle to Top note