Optional Tools Course Pack for RZ ACSF Modules 102 - 105

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Stones & Jewelry Hand Picked by Me Personally to Resonate with Your Unique Energetic Signature which includes everything you need to complete the optional course homework goals in modules 102, 103, & 104, which includes:


FreeformPolished 6 piece Bracelets Set (can be used for both wearing and sleeping with goals)

AuricField Carrying Set:

1 freeform polished Madagascar Labradorite

1 freeform polished Moroccan White Selenite

1 freeform polished Black Tourmaline

1 freeform polished Citrine

1 freeform polished Brazilian Smoky Quartz

1 freeform polished Brazilian Fluorite

1 Freeform polished Madagascar Star Rose Quartz

1 Freeform polished Madagascar Amethyst



1 Environmental Sized (2+ inches, form varies, pic are examples of some of the possibilities) Shungite Stone (can be used for bathing with, shungite, and environmental goals)


1 Moving meditation set with raw Brazilian Smoky Quartz and raw rose Quartz (can also be used for bathing with goals)


1 Raw, hand-dug Brazilian Quartz Point


 All items will be 4C'd before they're shipped to you and all crystals & stones will be double bagged, (natural fiber bag touching the stone and non-natural fiber bag on the outside to protect the stone from harmful environmental energies), so that they're ready to work with when they arrive.

Pictures are examples 

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