Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Protection Grid Sets

Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Protection Grid Sets

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Y’all asked me to put together a Protection set and here it is!

Your Grid

The grid is square, which is the most protective grid shape.

  • Your center stone is a 75-80mm Hand-carved and Hand Polished Shungite sphere for physical, mental, & emotional protection.
  • 4 2" Selenite mountains anchoring the corners of your grid and drawing in Universal Life Force energy for spiritual protection.
  • 8 Raw Amethyst Scepters to activate and strengthen your intuition and your connection to your guides to give you guidance to help protect you.
  • 4 Raw Citrine Scepters to help to burn off Karmic debris in the Spiritual Layers of your Auric Field to protect you from Karmic issues that you have resolved but haven’t been fully cleared from your Auric Field.
  • 4 Raw Black Tourmaline to transmute negative harmful energy into positive, helpful energy whether it comes from within you or outside of you.