Professional Natal Chart Relationship Report with Interpretations

Professional Natal Chart Relationship Report with Interpretations

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This listing includes your professional chart wheel plus 30-40 pages of interpretations for you delivered via email to your email address on file.

This is a fantastic tool to astrologically understand current relationships or evaluate the astrological possibilities in a potential relationship.

This incredibly accurate and comprehensive report examines the agony and the ecstasy of a love relationship. Part 1 deals with each partner's relating potential and closely analyzes the astrological houses that deal with romance, marriage and sex. Part 2 compares the aspects between the two charts to see how those needs are fulfilled by the other. Part 3 looks at the partner's planetary placements in each other's houses to see what areas of life are likely to be most impacted by the relationship. Joan Negus' informative and witty text shows how to make the best of the relationship's strengths and how to overcome its weaknesses.

This report casts a composite chart (a single horoscope derived from the midpoints between the horoscopes of two individuals) and uses this chart to give a meaty analysis of the relationship. Joan Negus' text interprets a complete array of astrological placements and aspects so that you may fully understand that entity that is the two of you.

Know Your Relationship.

Please include for both people: full name at birth, date of birth, place of birth and exact time of birth in notes at checkout. If you'd prefer, you can PM this information to me via Facebook messenger, or email to with Relationship Info in the subject line. Time of birth is required for an accurate chart. Current delivery time is 4 - 6 weeks.

Empowered Blessings ~ RZ