Psychic Development Labradorite Bowl Guide Sets - Custom Linked Pre-order

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These guide sets are entirely comprised of Labradorite, one of the 4 Core Universal Master Stones of the Third Eye Chakra and one of the stone types that we focus on in the Psychic Development Foundation – One Masterclass, and will be custom linked to a specific guide that specializes in Psychic Development. Each piece will be chosen by its respective linked Psychic Development guide.

They also work closely with the Deva of the guide stone vessel to offer guidance on areas related to the innate energies of the beautiful and powerful Labradorite. You can explore the innate energies of Labradorite below.

 So that you can stay connected to your Psychic Development Labradorite guide, even when you are aren't actively working with them or even in the same space with them, you will also receive a linked carrying stone and a linked bracelet circuit set. 

You can work with the guide stone alone, holding it in or placing both hands on it placing only your receptive hand on it, or placing it in your lap, or you can work with the pendulum to make it easier to access the information by holding the pendulum over the guide stone to ask your questions.

They will perfectly complement the other Psychic Development guide stone sets that have been and will be offered here. They can also be utilized to complete some of the optional goals in the Psychic Development Foundation – One Masterclass.

Pictures are examples. Styles of bracelets and pendulums vary based on what resonates best with your Unique Energetic Signature. Bowls may be fully polished or polished on the top and raw on all other sides.

This Listing is a Pre-order

Linking and piece selection takes time and custom linked pre-orders may take up to 30 days to ship.

Empowered Blessings Y’all  ~ RZ



Chakras: Third Eye Core Universal Master and Auric Field Stone
Auric Field: Core Master Universal protection stone (filter)
Energy: Receptive
Element: Water, Air, Earth
Planet: Uranus, Saturn
Number: 6 & 7

Core Universal Master Stone of the Third Eye Chakra

Core Universal Master Stone of the Auric Field

Core Universal Master Stone of Psychic Development

Core Universal Master Stone of Magick

Core Universal Master Stone of Past Life Exploration

Body Alchemy: 
Brain disorders, digestion, eyes, metabolism, balancing hormones, menstrual tensions, cold, gout, rheumatism, blood pressure, detoxifying the effects of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs, reduces sensitivity to cold, PMS symptoms, radionic analysis and treatment, physiotherapists, healing touch, protect the aura, pain relief.
Stimulates mental activity, relieves stress and anxiety, subconscious issues, mental illumination, clarity, insight, overactive mind, fears, insecurities, truth behind illusions, imagination, enthusiasm and new ideas. Inspiration, mental acuity, forgotten memories, contemplation and introspection, determine the root cause of an issue, peace, faith, self-reliance, success, change, strength, perseverance, responsibility, adventure, spontaneity back to one's life, and encourages courtesy.
Depression, shame, reducing anti-social, reckless or impulsive behavior in children, teenagers and adults, and joy.
Soul Alchemy:
Stone of Magic, a stone of shamans, psychics, diviners, healers, guidance, connecting your higher self, intuition and psychic abilities, clairvoyance, telepathy, prophecy and coincidence control, and assists in communication with higher guides and spirits, intuition, psychic development, esoteric wisdom, transformation, dream recall, divination, psychic arts, higher self, raises consciousness, spiritual grounding, knowledge, prophecy and magic, death, rebirth, spiritual transformation, psychic readings.
Past lives, destiny, Akashic records, moving between the worlds. 
Environmental Alchemy:
Environmental sized pieces can be utilized in any space to invoke the innate energies of this stone.