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Akashic Record Property Reading & Clearing 

(price is based on square footage, please choose the size of your home from the drop down.)

Like a human Soul, each property and the land it sits on are considered energetic entities in their own right, and has its own energetic record.

Every person and event connected to a property leaves an energy imprint. Over time, a property can accumulate quite a bit of negative energy, and attract unwanted influences, all of which have can impact the inhabitants, on every level.                                    

By accessing the Akashic record of a property or land, I can determine whether a property has been built on sacred ground, a previous battle ground or if there are any entities present.  I can uncover the past energetic history of a property and find out if it is affected by negative energy and subsequently clear these energies to ensure the owner or resident is no longer affected.

Just as we can become energetically imbalanced and affected by negative energy, so can our homes, property and land.

We can influence the energy of our homes, workplaces and even our cars, by our choices in life, whether those choices are our thoughts, words, emotions or actions. 

We are attracted to properties that are a vibrational match to our own energetic vibration i.e. what we are choosing to create in our life.  We usually are attracted to properties that are vibrationally aligned to us.  But over time places and objects can accumulate energies that are not in alignment with the residents.  And sometimes, after a Soul Realignment reading and clearing, or other energetic healing practice, you might become vibrationally misaligned with your property because you have changed and the property has not!

Our residence has its own energy body comprised of the emotions and occurrences of past occupants as well as our own and those of our roommates/family.  In our home, we let ourselves unwind and experience every type of emotion and energy, challenges and the ups and downs of life.  Our home soaks up that energy and the energy of all living in it and even those who visit on a regular basis.  Our residence also holds the energy of the people that have lived there before. 

Homes, apartments, offices, land, businesses and working spaces, can become saturated in energy that is disruptive, upsetting, chaotic, unsafe, feels heavy, like something else is present.  This can cause financial, relationship, physical, mental and emotional issues.

Buildings and land which holds negative vibrations of the past, or open doorways to negative influences can cause you to feel like you are constantly in struggle, disorganized, or physically uncomfortable.

Negative energy in properties can accumulate over the years and attract Earth bound spirits, ghosts, negative entities, portalways, gateways and negative thought forms which can affect the lives of those living there.

Remember that the land that our homes sit on is very old, and it too has a past. So even if you live in a newer home, dense energies can still be present.

This negativity can influence the occupants and will remain until it is cleared. 

By doing a Property Reading and Clearing, this energy can be removed, the space cleared, and the purpose be reassigned, so it is congruent with the current use.

This reading provides an energetic snapshot of the energies present within a home, business or property and includes energy clearing work to restore harmony and balance those energies. I will also give you guidance on what you can do differently after clearing to make the space comfortable and welcoming.


Who can have a reading and clearing done on a Property?

Even if you do not own the property you are living in, and you are renting, you are still considered to be in ‘energetic’ ownership of a property if you live there and are paying to rent or lease a property or land.

     The person or people living or working at that property have energetic ownership because their choices govern the energetic state of the property.  (If you are not sure of the ownership status of a certain property or space, please contact me!)

Readings can be carried out on any property that you (or your minor child) energetically 'own' and directly influence, such as:

Your place of residence, whether owned, rented, leased or temporarily staying at a residence

A property you or your child frequently visit e.g. a relative’s home (but not a public place/property)

The residence of anyone you are the legal guardian of. (If this is an institution, then it would be their personal room, not any common areas.)

Property Readings are done remotely, so the physical location doesn’t matter.  Permission from the owner or tenant is required.

I do not need to physically come out to the property location as this work is done remotely at an energetic level through the Akashic records and spiritual healing.

All I need to conduct a full reading and property clearing on your home, is the full address and verbal confirmation that you either own, or are in energetic ownership (renting/leasing) of the property to be cleared.

Apartment clearings include your apartment, not common areas, or other apartments in the building.

What causes Harmful Energy in a Space?


Physical trauma: Illness, injury, pain, death, accidents, tragedy, abuse etc.

Emotional trauma:  Arguments, negative feelings, sadness, separation, divorce, custody battles, abuse etc.

Mental trauma: Manipulation, negative thoughts, illness, abuse etc.

Residual energy from past occupants.

Residual energy from past events.

Bleeding over energy from neighboring properties.

Stuck energy from clutter, lack of cleanliness.

Earthbound spirits, ghosts, poltergeists.

Psychic entities that have never incarnated into a physical body.

Consecrations as a sacred space, burial ground, battleground, church, hospital, temple etc. (This makes the land unsuitable for human occupancy, until it has been reassigned for human occupancy. When a space is dedicated as sacred space, elementals take actions to ensure that it is used that way, and will take steps to remove human occupancy, depending on the strength of those particular elementals assigned to it.)

Natural and manmade disasters.

Portalways (doorways that allow entities to access this plane of existence)

Gateways (entity superhighways of access to this plane of existence)

Negative Thought Forms

Soul contracts, pacts, spells, curses, bindings.

Any object within a home can become infused with negative energy.  Most commonly, crystals, ornaments, furniture or antiques which have absorbed negative energy from current or previous owners, or the spaces they were or are located in.

Visitors to the space that bring negative energy with them.

Electrical/internet/telephone boxes coming into the home and overhead power lines.

Underground water which amplifies energies.

Geopathic stress.

Living near public buildings or spaces. Especially cemeteries, churches, hospitals, funeral homes, doctor’s offices, mental health offices, therapists of any type, sports complexes, previous battlegrounds, government buildings, gas stations, convenience stores, construction sites, libraries, schools, financial institutions, car dealerships, water/waste treatment plants, factories, non- organic farms, animal shelters, or utility companies.


When should a property/space reading and clearing be done?

At any time to create new energy, change, or a new beginning 

If you are an empath

If you are an intuitive

If you are a psychic

If you are a medium

Annual Spring Cleaning

If you feel 'stuck' or in a 'rut'

Before a birth of a baby or new marriage

After physical illness, pain, accidents, trauma abuse or death on or near the property, or of a loved one either residing or not residing in the home.

After arguments, divorce, separation, sadness, abuse, depression or other emotional or mental upsets.

Feeling like everything is a struggle

Experiencing unexplained fatigue

Frequently replacing light bulbs, batteries, electrical appliances or electronics.

Before moving into a new home/immediately after moving into a new home

Before you start construction on land or a home renovation

Selling your home.

Attracting new tenants

To help repel negative people and situations

To promote physical wellbeing

To promote emotional wellbeing

To promote mental wellbeing

After building a new home

If your neighbors are remodeling or building a building of any type.

Death of a pet

After someone moves out

After someone moves in

When paranormal activity is suspected

When you have a hard time staying grounded and centered

When you have a hard time focusing

When your space feels chaotic

When you have a hard time meditating

When your space feels “heavy”

When you feel anxious or stressed or uncomfortable in your space

After a traumatic event

After a natural or manmade disaster

If you or anyone in the home has trouble sleeping

If your children have imaginary friends

If you or anyone feel uncomfortable in area of your home

If you are struggling with clutter and disorganization

If you suffer from a chronic illness

If you live near public buildings or spaces. Especially cemeteries, churches, hospitals, funeral homes, doctor’s offices, mental health offices, therapists of any type, sports complexes, previous battlegrounds, government buildings, gas stations, convenience stores, construction sites, libraries, schools, financial institutions, car dealerships, water/waste treatment plants, factories, non- organic farms, animal shelters, or utility companies.

If your neighbors are remodeling or building a building of any type.

Death of a pet

Introduction of a new pet.

Pets acting strangely

Anyone in your home feeling fearful

Your space just doesn’t feel “right”

If you need clarity

You feel yourself becoming energetically sensitive to the place where you are living or working

Soul Profile Reading and Clearing Clients – to ensure there are no vibrational issues that could lead to interferences with your Divine Self Expression. Once you have completed your clearing work you have changed and it is important that your property is vibrationally aligned to the new you

Selling or buying land

Cultivating or Farming

Protection for livestock

income issues for a home business

delays in selling or closing on a home

difficulties finding or keeping tenants in a rental property.

As a fabulous housewarming gift

Because it just makes sense to want the clearest and most positive energy possible in your home, the place where you spend the bulk of your “regrouping” and relaxation time. 

Our home is the place where we rest, sleep and rejuvenate, so should be a place of the highest positive energetic vibration possible. it just makes sense to want the clearest and most positive energy possible in your home, the place where you spend the bulk of your “regrouping” and relaxation time. 

A Property Energy Clearing will dramatically alter the energy of your home or business.

        My work is to move, shift, balance, and clear harmful energies; creating a higher frequency of light; which uplifts, boosts and generally enlivens the vibration of energies throughout.   The environment will feel clearer, lighter, much more inviting, allowing you to feel more peaceful and relaxed.  My experience is that many other old patterns are also broken up in the process, which allows for transformation on many levels.

A Property Reading and Clearing can clear issues causing the negative energy, reassign property to its current purpose, provide a more comfortable atmosphere, and align the property to the current owner or occupant.

Keep in mind sometimes the energies are tied to PEOPLE and NOT the location. Soul Realignment Readings and Clearings for people are done as part of enrollment in Soul Alchemy Level 2 and 3.


Residential clearings for single family dwellings, mobile homes, apartments etc.


For residential over 5,000 square feet, please message for rates. 

For all types of Environmental Alchemy property readings & clearings, please click Here. 

Once I have completed your reading and clearing
  • I will send your reading to the email address on file on this website for you. The email will come from, so please make sure that you add that email address to your contacts.


  • Bring an open inquisitive beginners mind. The reading contains definitions specific to this modality which will be helpful for those unfamiliar with true Akashic Records readings. 


  • Feel free to ask up to 3 follow up questions via email (reply back to your reading email please!), within 3 days of receiving your reading, (time restraints are necessary, as demand is huge right now), so that you have a clear understanding of your reading.


  • Many people find that experiences they have had in their home or business are easily resolved here. You are a Spiritual Being having a human experience and your property or business is part of the journey.


  • Property clearing should be done once a year at a minimum.  If the people in your home have not completed Soul Alchemy Levels 1 - 3, and are not making choices that affirm who they are at Soul level, then clearings will need to be done more often, as their own personal blocks and restrictions will bring harmful energy back into the space eventually. If you have not completed Environmental Alchemy Level 1, and are not properly maintaining the energy of your space, readings and clearings will need to be done more often as well.


Demand is high right now, and this is a very time intensive reading to do, so please allow up to 1 - 2 months for delivery.

Empowered Blessings,

Robin Zendayah

 Information given and provided services are for guidance only.  The information you receive from any session with me is not intended, implied, nor should it be regarded as legal, financial, business, psychological or medical advice, fact, diagnosis or treatment and is subject to your own personal interpretation, actions, judgement and your own free will.