Rockin' Your 2022 Bracelets & Carrying Stones Set

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If you’d like some assistance from the crystal & stone realm to assist you in navigating the energies of 2022, I’ve created some sets to help you do just that. These sets were hand-picked by me for their ability to be team players and work together no matter how you choose to combine them with each other. Intuitively choose the combination that you need to wear and/or carry each day.

You'll get 1 carrying stone in each the stone types below for a total of 10:

  • Fire Quartz
  • Unakite
  • Pink Opal
  • Black Onyx
  • Garnet
  • Red Tiger’s Eye
  • Blue Tiger’s Eye
  • Gold Tiger’s Eye
  • Ruby Zoisite
  • Sunstone

and 8 bracelets. Why 8 and not 10 you ask? Because 1 bracelet combines Blue, Red, & Gold Tiger's Eye because for 2022, I recommend that those stone types always be worn together.


Rockin’ Your 2022!

2021 was all about releasing that which no longer serves to make room for what does in 2022. For a lot of us it was a painful & difficult process of clearing the way for freedom, but it is now time to reap the rewards in 2022, woohoo!!!

2022 is the time to step outside of your comfort zone and allow in that which you desire to manifest. It is time to create a firm, grounded, stable foundation on which you can grow into your goals & dreams.


Numerology of 2022

The numerology of 2022 is the number 6. 6 is the number of family, (not necessarily blood relations, but chosen family), the home and all things domestic,  and community which means relationships.

  • 6 brings in the energies of love of all kinds, compassion, & harmony.
  • It is represented by the Lovers in tarot, which is the card of soul level connections, unions, & choices to be made. 6 is also represented by Gemini, so making new choices that allow you to “have your cake and eat it too” so to speak are definitely on the energetic menu for 2022.
  • 6 years are the most powerful years to speak up for those that don’t have a voice, who are you speaking up for this year?
  • 6 years are amazing years to build something that is at the very least the foundation of your future and may very well last a lifetime.
  • 6 years represent the ability to nurture, support and heal, as they embody the frequency of the heart.

To have harmony in our relationships, (and everything comes back to relationships), requires balance, and balance is the key word for 2022.


Astrology of 2022

  • Neptune conjunct Jupiter in Pisces
    • Neptune will be in conjunction with Jupiter in Pisces, which brings an expansion of empathy, compassion and forgiveness helping us to break the deep lie of separateness that has so deeply divided our world.
    • This is the year to actively do your part to heal the world and rewrite its future.
    • This conjunction will also bring a huge expansion in creativity and events that bring us together in new, joyful ways. Now is the time to consider new voices and let your own be heard.
    • This conjunction is highly favorable for psychic development, especially channeling and experiencing psychic phenomena. Spirituality will be at the forefront and magick will be heightened. Take care to be sure that you are not using spirituality to “check out” and escape your reality, but rather to deepen your connection to this planet, other people, flora, and fauna and utilizing your sacred tools in respect and reverence.
    • With Pisces being a water sign and ruled by Neptune, there will be a tremendous opportunity to focus on creating global solutions related to water issues.
  • Uranus in Aquarius squared Saturn in Taurus
    • This is quite the doozy of a square and will bring even more escalation of tensions between old ways & ideas and new. Radicals & zealots will abound from most, if not all ideologies.
    • This is also an excellent setup for extreme climate events, volcanic eruptions & lava flows, and earthquakes. We need to learn to work together to benefit the planet as a whole to overcome these issues.
    • Saturn is the messenger of the collective karma, the dominant energies of the collective consciousness of our planet. Uranus is the planet of rebellion. This square will demand that we admit to ourselves where we have played a part in suppression and oppression of groups of people, whether passively or aggressively and make a choice of continuing to do so or taking a stand for a better world or experiencing the consequences of not doing so.


Elements of 2022

  • Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • 2022 Keyword: Resources
  • 2022 Strengths: Reliability, generosity, & self-acceptance.
  • Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • 2022 Keyword: Liberation
  • 2022 Strengths: Living in the moment & slowing down.
  • Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • 2022 Keyword: Freedom
  • 2022 Strengths: Humility, vulnerability, & transparency.
  • Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
  • 2022 Keyword: Intimacy
  • 2022 Strengths: Self-care, rest, & being present in the moment.


Intentions for 2022

Let’s take a look at where our intentions will be most fruitful in the 3 core life areas for 2022.



The key word here is Connecting. Grab a pen and paper right now and answer these questions honestly:

  • Are you just going through the motions day to day stuck in your own head?
  • Are you truly & deeply connecting with:
    • Yourself
    • Your family?
    • Your tribe?
    • The flora around you?
    • The fauna around you?
    • The world at large?

In seeking deeper connections, you must remember to set and keep firm boundaries in all relationships, maintaining the balance of giving & receiving, keeping the energy flow smooth, strong & balanced. You must prioritize nurturing yourself first before you give to others. No matter where you are on your journey to manifesting that which you desire, you must remember to give yourself unconditional love and acceptance, as your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you have. Stop and smell the roses, they’re always there no matter where your choices take you.

The number 6 is also about your home, and it is so very important to make that space a place that nurtures, uplifts & supports you to reach your goals & dreams. Craft it into a sacred sanctuary that is beautiful in your eyes and brings you joy & ease.

A simple but profound way to connect with the flora, fauna & the world at large is to seek beauty. Not just physical beauty, but beauty in form, function, structure etc. The planetary association of the number 6 is Venus, the patron of beauty in all forms.


Health & Well-being

Slow. Down. Cultivate awareness, be present in the now and enjoy it! Check in with your senses to become fully present in the now. Get grounded and centered. Check in with yourself at least once a day to make sure that you are staying grounded & centered.

Balance work and play while interfusing both with mindfulness. Yoga is a wonderful practice of a moving meditation that does wonders for body/mind/spirit connectedness and balance.

Choose what you put into and on your body with care, it’s the only vessel you have for your soul in this lifetime, treat it with the love and respect it deserves.

Since this is a year that is deeply interdependent on relationships, find groups or partners to take your journey with, giving and receiving support, for greater success.


Financial Sovereignty

This year your financial sovereignty is going to be deeply interwoven with your relationship with yourself, so take great care with your self-care. Opportunities for partnerships in various ways will also have a dramatic impact on your finances, so choose them with care, letting go of the ones that bring negativity and nurture the ones that bring you joy.


Now take some time to soulfully create your intentions for the new year making sure that balance is maintained within your intentions.

This isn’t about setting New Year’s resolutions; it’s about choosing to make new choices to empower yourself to transform your life into what you want it to be.

Empowered Blessings ~ Robin Z