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Robin Zendayah Distance Human Crystal Reiki Boost Subscriptions

Reiki Boost sessions are mini Reiki sessions.  A full Reiki session involves 1 – 1 ½ hours and 20 different hand positions on your body as well as sweeping stagnant energy from your arms & legs on both the front and back of your body and then flushing stagnant & harmful energy from your entire Master Energetic System utilizing both Traditional Usui and Takata style Reiki. A mini Reiki session involves sending energy through your High Crown Chakra, down through all of the Master Chakras within your body and sweeping out stagnant energy through your Earth Star Chakra.

During a Robin Zendayah Distance Human Crystal Reiki Boost Session, I connect with you psychically and channel Reiki energy to you as described above, as well as through the stones included in your Robin Zendayah Crystal Reiki Starter Set for 15 minutes.  The Reiki energy flowing through the stones connect with each other creating a Human Crystal Grid with you as it’s center crystal. This creates a circuit of energy running through your Master Energetic System with the High-Octane benefits of these stones. High-Octane frequencies of stones and crystals can’t be accessed without channeling Reiki energy through them in a very specific way, only normal frequency ranges of stones and crystals can be accessed by the average person working with them.

The stones in your starter set will be fully activated by my Master Selenite Azarra, my Master Black Tourmaline Zephaniah and My Master Citrine Zenobia.

This powerful technique was created by me and is only practiced by me. Please let me know if you see someone else claiming to practice this technique as I don’t want people being taken advantage of or experiencing harmful effects due to someone else’s lack of training, skill, knowledge & experience.

Before I connect with you, I cleanse, clear, charge, and correct my D.O.R. (dominant oscillatory rate) of my Auric Field, as well as the space I’m working in.  I then open up the channel above to receive the Reiki energy, as well as opening up the channel below to connect to the Earth, so that I am well-grounded and can run a much larger channel of energy than someone who isn’t connected to the Earth during a session.

Your introductory subscription includes:

4 Distance Robin Zendayah Human Crystal Reiki Boost Sessions, (which are channeled weekly, time slot options are listed below.)

Your Robin Zendayah Human Crystal Reiki Starter Set which is handpicked and individually attuned to your Unique Energetic Signature by me personally. These come in individual bags and include:

 One 4 inch Moroccan Selenite Mountain

Two 1 ½ - 2 inch Brazilian Citrine Scepters

One 2 – 4 inch Brazilian Black Tourmaline

You will also receive instructions for your sessions, as well as the properties of your stones.

Subscriptions are available for 13, 26 and 52-week options as well.  If you’ve never had a Distance Human Crystal Reiki Session with me, you must choose one of the Starter Options.  Continuing clients, please choose the Continuing option that suits your needs.

Your sessions will begin the following Week after you receive your Robin Zendayah Human Crystal Reiki Starter Set. Please allow 1 week for your set to ship to allow time for me to handpick your stones.

Time slots are limited:

Morning time slots are 8, 8:30, 9, or 9:30 a.m.

Afternoon time slots are 2, 2:30, 3, or 3:30 p.m.

Evening time slots are 6, 6:30, 7 or 7:30 p.m.

Time slots are available for Monday or Friday. All time slots are EST.

If you’d like to experience the benefits of One on One Human Crystal Reiki Boost sessions, one on one sessions are available here.

Full Human Crystal Reiki Sessions are available here for those of you who’d like to experience the benefits of Full Distance Human Crystal Reiki One on One Sessions with me.

After your purchase is complete, you will receive an email from RobinZendayah@RobinZendayah.com with a short questionnaire about your intentions/goals for your sessions, so please make sure to add this email address to your email address book and make sure the email associated with your account is current.

Empowered Blessings Y’all~

Robin Zendayah