RZ Large Chakra Cleansing Set

RZ Large Chakra Cleansing Set

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These sets are intended for spouses or children of my students of Body Alchemy One who live in the same household. I have given students in that course permission to share 4C'ing information with those people and not anyone else. If you are not a student or alumni of this course, do not purchase.

Sharing this information or information from any of my courses is intellectual property theft for the one sharing and receiving stolen intellectual property for the one receiving and is punishable by law.

These items are part of the Body Alchemy One course pack. 

Listing is for one set of chakra cleansing stones.

Includes the following types of stones: Pictures are examples of the size and types of stones included. Your stones will be handpicked for their metaphysical energy, their willingness to work together, and their compatibility with your energetic system.

Smoky Quartz

Red Calcite

Orange Calcite

Honey Calcite

Green Calcite

Rose Quartz

Blue Calcite

Brazilian Fluorite

Clear/White Calcite


Picture is an example of the size and types of stones your will receive in your kit. Your stones will be chosen to work synergistically with each other and your unique energetic system. Selenite and Fluorite form will vary.

Get into the habit of practicing proper energetic hygiene on your chakras and auric field, before even thinking about activating, energizing, balancing and fine tuning your chakras. 

Do not use the stones you use to cleanse your chakras and auric field for other purposes, or share them with other people, it would be like sharing a toothbrush, yuck!