RZ Over Thinkers Stone Sets

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Listing is for 1 set. Pictures are examples. Yours will be chosen to resonate with your unique energetic signature.

Over thinker like me? Invoke the innate energies of the fabulous stones in this set to bring much needed relief!

Brazilian Fluorite for clarity & focus.

Labradorite to filter out what's not important.

Lepidolite to calm and relax you.

Black Tourmaline to transmute your negative thoughts to helpful ones.

Meditate with these, place them in your nightstand, or sit them where you spend a lot of time, just make sure that they're within 3 feet of you.

Do a lot of over thinking at your desk? This set is fine to place there because the black tourmaline is large enough to protect the other stones from the harmful energies that all those electronics put out.

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