RZ Small Chakra Cleansing Set

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These sets are intended for spouses or children of my students of Body Alchemy One who live in the same household. I have given students in that course permission to share 4C'ing information with those people and not anyone else. If you are not a student or alumni of this course, do not purchase.

Sharing this information or information from any of my courses is intellectual property theft for the one sharing and receiving stolen intellectual property for the one receiving and is punishable by law.

These items are part of the Body Alchemy One course pack. 


Listing is for one set of chakra cleansing stones.This size is recommended for smaller adults (under 5 feet tall), and children (full adult supervision only). 

Includes the following types of stones: Pictures are examples of the types of stones included. Your stones will be handpicked for their metaphysical energy, their willingness to work together, and their compatibility with your energetic system. Selenite, Clear White Calcite, and Fluorite form will vary.

Smoky Quartz

Red Calcite

Orange Calcite

Honey Calcite

Green Calcite

Rose Quartz

Blue Calcite

Brazilian Fluorite

Clear/White Calcite


Yes, there a a whole slew of stones that are associated with each chakra, but there are steps to working with your chakras. First and foremost, you cleanse your chakras, get all of that nasty, icky, dirty, energy out. If you activate a dirty chakra, you are just activating all of the nasty stuff that is there. If you energize a dirty chakra, you are just amplifying all of the problems related to that chakra that you are experiencing, please don't do that to yourself. Energy can not flow correctly within a dirty chakra, nor can it flow correctly between dirty chakras.

Everyone also seems to forget about the importance of your Earth chakra, (this is the chakra that is about grounding, among other things, it connects to your root chakra, but your root chakra is not what grounds you), as well as pumping physical energy into your chakra system, and your high crown chakra, (this is where your divine/cosmic/spiritual energy comes into your chakra system at.

Think of your high crown chakra as your shower head, and your Earth chakra as your shower drain. If the water pressure sucks, your not going to get a very good shower of divine/cosmic/spiritual energy are you? If your Earth chakra isn't functioning correctly, then all of that nasty gunk in your chakras and auric field isn't being grounded into the Earth to be transmuted into something helpful, but rather backing up into your root chakra, and on up, can you say gross y'all?

If you do nothing else with your chakras, keep them clean, 7-10 minutes a day to cleanse your chakras, that's it, easy.